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Mohd, Mollura Home Design, is an Italian interior design e-commerce website that provides a wide selection of furniture and lighting solutions signed by the best international brands. Sometimes, I find myself scrolling Pinterest, looking at all the furniture and home decor that is so lavishly displayed on my search feed. I’m very much a home bird so living away in London from my family is something that’s a constant internal battle. I want to be in London of course but I just wish my family lived down the road from me rather than a 2 hour train journey away! So websites like Mohd offer me a chance to be whisked away into my own imagination, creating my dream house that will hopefully one day become a reality.

Living room

Mohd features a lot of international designs that are unlikely to be sold here in the UK. The range of homeware is diverse and covers everything from soft furnishings down to the utensils you’d find in your kitchen draws. I thought I’d pick out a few favourites, grouped by room, that represent my taste in style and what I’m looking for as furnishing for my future home. Mohd also offers their very own interior design service, so if you can’t be bothered to do it yourself, they can offer to do it for you!

Living Room

The living space for me is all about shared family time and therefore the furnishings for me should reflect that. I love corner sofas and the Flexform Barret Modular Sofa is beautiful. I love a good fireplace and the more vintage the better. I’m not much for the modern ones so a Jøtul Stove – F 105 LL is perfect. Photos are a main feature in my parent’s house and they have photo frames scattered everywhere. The more the better is my preference and the size of the  XlBoom Image Frame 47X89 is just right.

Selection of living room furniture
Flexform Barret Modular Sofa (£8,653.50) | Jøtul Stove – F 105 LL (£1,455.89) | XlBoom Image Frame 47X89 (£114.22)

Dining Room

Selection of dining room furniture
Miniforms Pixie Oval Table | Gallotti & Radice Bolle Suspension Lamp (£1,331.10) | Image Republic La Galerie Photo Monroe N5 (£49.86)

If I can afford to, I would like a big family. I’m not talking ‘19 kids and counting‘ but perhaps three or four children would be nice. Growing up with two younger brothers, I can’t imagine what it would be like to be an only child. I love the Miniforms Pixie Oval Table. It’s a gorgeous modern design with a rustic table top which I love. It’s big as well so enough to fit the whole family round for special occasions! The Gallotti & Radice Bolle Suspension Lamp is something I could probably fixate on and stare at for hours. I love the idea of exposed filaments in lights. I never have been a fan of extravagant art but I do love old black and white pictures of iconic celebrities. This one of Marilyn Monroe is gorgeous and very personal.


Selection of Kitchen Furniture
Officinanove Di Vino Wine Rack (£137.51) | Miele G 4760 SCVi Fully Integrated Dishwasher (£1,189.67) | Ferm Living Neu Tableware Service (£11.93 – £46.03)

I definitely take after my dad in the cooking department. My mum is pretty much a can cook but won’t cook type of gal. But one thing we all share in common is our love of wine and Officinanove Di Vino Wine Rack is a great excuse to drink more of it, no no I mean those multiple bottles of wine are just there for decoration…

When I get my own kitchen, I am certainly installing a dishwasher like Miele G 4760 SCVi Fully Integrated Dishwasher which will mean no more washing dishes by hand. YES! I also would love to have some more matching plates and dishes and Ferm Living Neu Tableware Service are just pretty.


Selection of bathroom furniture
Jacuzzi Desire – Bath Tub (£2,194.06) | Agape 815 Washbasin (£1,155.85) | Authentics Kali Toilet Rollenhalter (£24.72)

Oh how I long for a free-standing bathtub big enough to fit my lanky frame in! This Jacuzzi Desire – Bath Tub is just beautiful and I could spend many a night in this thing. I also have to incorporate a bit of marble when it comes to material so this Agape 815 Washbasin is a stunning feature. And finally, this a silly one but toilet roll. Ever ran out of roll and you’re the only one in? Never fear, the multi roll is here! Authentics Kali Toilet Rollenhalter will solve all your toilet problems.


Selection of bedroom furniture
Meridiani Bardò Due Double Bed with Storage Unit | Hay Colour Carpet 05 Tappeto (£550.82) | The Poltrona Frau Ren Free-standing Mirror Coat Rack (£2,898.14)

The bedroom is one of solitude, a chance to relax by myself and enjoy my own company whether that’s reading in bed, catching up with blogs on my sofa bed or applying the daily paint to my face at the dressing table. I love head boards on a bed so it’s annoying the hell out of me that we don’t have one where we’re currently renting. The Meridiani Bardò Due Double Bed with Storage Unit not only has a gigantic head board but storage space too. Stylish and clever all in one! However at the time of writing, this is currently out of stock for another four to five weeks. I’m still pining after a rug for my own bedroom at the moment but if I could really splash out the cash, I love geometric prints like the Hay Colour Carpet 05 Tappeto. I also can’t be without a full length mirror and unfortunately I’m still waiting for a replacement for one broken by my partner…The Poltrona Frau Ren Free-standing Mirror Coat Rack is a great alternative which is both free-standing and has space for storage on the side and underneath.

What do you think of Mohd? Has this got you all inspired? Let me know in the comments below!

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