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This Christmas, I wanted to share with you as many different gift guides and ideas because you have to admit, shopping for your friends and family can sometimes be so difficult. The worst are those that say ‘oh just get me something small‘ or ‘oh no you don’t need to get me anything‘ – it’s literally the worst response you could ever give someone who really doesn’t enjoy shopping for others. Online shops like Gingersnap are perfect for stocking fillers. 

Ginger Snap Light BoxI mean, I like treating people but sometimes, my creativity lacks a little when it comes to gifts. Sometimes I actually surprise myself and get it spot on.

Anyway, I’ll stop because I’m blabbing. Light boxes have fast become a quirky and totally millennial way of decorating your home or an event. This one has letters and even cooler – freaking emojis! Well, they’re definitely going to go down well with pretty much every person in your family. If not, well they ain’t a basic bitch like I am.

This one, in particular, is from Gingersnap. You may have noticed my bestie used one at her wedding in my blog post but this one is actually a smaller version of what she had. I got sent the Gingersnap Letter Light Box along with a separate set of emojis that you know, just give me life. 

I actually took these photos not long after I came back from my holidays where I got proposed to, so you can clearly see how lovesick I was – sorry, still am

EmojisLight Box and EmojisSo aside from the fact this gift is in the kid’s section *cough* adults can be big kids too, I freaking love this so much that I have it right on my bedside table, ready to light up as a nightlight.

The back light on this thing isn’t tame either. It pretty much blasts out so much light that I could easily do some night reading without having to even lean towards it in bed. I think it’s perfect for kids who may be afraid of the dark (and I’m talking about all ages of kids) and a perfect stocking filler at £18.00. 

The emoji set that I received is £7.99 which is a little creative addition, especially because everyone is obsessed with using emojis – even your cool Nan who doesn’t know that the ice cream emoji is actually a piece of poop.

Do you know anyone who’d enjoy this as a Christmas gift? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – I received this product in return for an honest review. All words are my own.


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