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Six Things to Do if You Can’t Go On Holiday

It’s such a shame when you can’t quite manage to get away, but there is still plenty you can do at home. It’s easy to make things feel like you’re on holiday even though you’re in the same old surroundings. Take a look at our easy guide to six things to do if you can’t go on holiday.

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1. Learn a new language

Learning languages has never been easier with the wealth of apps, audio downloads, and websites available today. Try to Learn Spanish with Memrise and see if it helps to whisk you away from your home and off to another country. You never know; the sounds of Spanish might just make it feel like you’re in Spain for a while.

2. Have a holiday at home

If you can’t afford to go away, why not arrange a holiday at home instead? You can book time off and spend the days doing similar things like those you’d do on holiday. You can even shop for foreign foods when you do your grocery shopping and cook something different for dinner in the evenings


3. Go on day trips

You can still get away, even if it’s just for the day! Check out nearby areas and see what’s on your doorstep. You’re bound to be missing something you’ve never been to or something that’s changed drastically in the years since you last visited. Even if you can only afford one day trip, it’ll still give you some of that holiday feeling.

4. Camp in the garden

Camping in your own garden can change an otherwise dull weekend into something fun and exciting. If you’re lucky enough to own a tent, it won’t even cost you anything. However, if you require a tent, check with friends, family, and even neighbours to see if you can borrow one. Failing that, there’s always Freecycle or buying one secondhand.

5. Have a barbecue

Getting the barbie out on a warm evening can cheer up a vacationless summer. You can invite friends or family around, or even some of the children’s friends. Be mindful of safety, though, and watch children and pets carefully. If you’re a vegetarian, there’s no need to miss out. Plenty of supermarkets stock a wide range of vegetarian food that can be cooked on a barbecue.

6. Go on a long car journey

If you miss the feel of that long journey to somewhere nice, load up the kids and head out for a drive. You can play all the car games and have the same singalongs that you would have had on the road to a holiday. It doesn’t matter where you drive to or if you drive in a loop. You could even arrange to visit a relative who lives a while away from you.

It’s disappointing when you can’t go on holiday, but with this handy list, you’re sure to find something fun to do instead. Bookmark it somewhere, and you’ll always have it handy if the need arises. Have fun, and don’t let the no-holiday blues get you down.

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