So Much To Do And So Little Time.

Jeez next time I tell you I’m going to do three interviews in day, politely remind me to remember today. I don’t think I’ve ever been so busy and had to cram in as much stuff in so little time. I had three interviews today and the first one was for Metro Hospitality. I’ve bolded and underlined Metro Hospitality because stupid old me went and got the entirely wrong agency and ended up going to somewhere completely out of the way and I had to rush back to London Bridge to get to the interview. Luckily, they were still interviewing other people so there was no harm done there! I managed to impress them and I am now on their books which hopefully means more regular work coming in over the new year. First interview of the day = successful.

So it was Hannah’s birthday a few days ago and unfortunately I was otherwise engaged, spending the weekend with Sam’s family in Bristol. Therefore, I missed out on celebrating her actual birthday. So instead I’d organised a belated birthday day out. This over the past couple of weeks has turned into a half a day out due to all of these interviews coming in at once. Luckily my best friend Hannah is completely understanding and was totally laid back when I told her I was running late to my next interview. *Warning, when having multiple interviews per day, allow up to 3 hours in between.*

The next interview was for a promotional job, giving out Martial Arts Lessons. Now this sounded like fun and when the guy explained to me the sort of wage I could be earning, I was more than happy to accept going in for a training day to see if I have what it takes to make the cut. Let’s just say I could in a effect be earning hundreds of ┬ús each week for a short amount of time! Second interview of the day = successful.

I finally met up with Hannah after having agreed to meet with her before the second interview and we headed to Oxford Street. I then briefly separated from her, dropping her off at The Loop. This was so I could pick up the pandora charm that myself, Sam and Maria had all chipped in together for!


Turns out she loved it! Obviously. The Loop was amazing for a first time experience. I’d pre-booked it the night before and this place is a cafe/restaurant/bar! Literally an all in one type of thing. The food was delicious and the layout of the place was beautiful. If anyone’s ever in the Oxford Street area then keep an eye out for this place. It’s certainly one to visit! The final interview of the day came at 6.30pm this evening where I had a test photo shoot to be a stock image/promotional model. The shoot I feel went well even though it was very brief but I’m uncertain as the casting director said he’d be in touch. Final interview of the day = uncertain.

Overall, it’s been a really busy day so I kicked off my shoes and watched an episode of Dexter with Sean my housemate. It’s safe to say that we’re now both addicted to this series!

Tomorrow is going to be a walk in the park compared to today. So much for day’s off being lazy days!

Natalie-Ann x

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