Not Been Blogging For A While.

I realised this morning that it’s been almost a week since I last wrote a blog and I apologise for that as I know some of you like reading my blogs. I just haven’t had the time or motivation to write a blog since (even my youtube video will be going up later than usual). I’m currently writing this using my macbook on my lap as the table that I’m typing on is way too slippery and would cause an unfortunate accident. I am travelling on the 6.30AM MegaBus GOLD service to London this morning having spent a wonderful weekend in with my other half which I’ll explain later on in this blog. I decided to get this morning one just because getting home last night would have cost me double the amount and I also didn’t want to be rushing to get back to Cardiff in time for my bus. I’m going to do the usual back-tracking and run you through my day to day occurrences up until this very moment. Here goes nothing!

Wednesday 19th November

After spending a wonderful evening with my best friend Hannah, I woke up this morning early, to make it for an interview just outside Euston Station. It was for a FoH/Bar Staff job which would provide me with a much needed extra income in the evenings. A lot of things will be changing in the New Year hopefully so I need to be securing a lot of promotional work like this for the next couple of months. My personal aim is to fill January and February up as much as possible with work. This is both promotional and casting wise. I’m determined to work hard and have been doing so for the past several years of my life. A lot of my friends would agree with this comment but being down in London gives me more of an incentive to work even harder than I have before and I will not stop until I’m satisfied in where I want to be. Wow that got all deep and meaningful waaaaaaaaayyyy to quickly. Anyway the interview went really well. So well, that he basically offered me the first opening shift tomorrow starting at 7pm which I was over the moon with. I know having both my day job, this evening job and panto within the next couple of weeks is going to be tough but I’m thinking that it will all pay off in the long run. I got myself a celebratory coffee in Starbucks which has now gone all Christmassy.

Woooooo, the red Starbucks cups have returned and I am so excited! I ended up getting a Gingerbread latte which is my absolute favourite and my go to drink when the Christmas range of coffee flavours comes out and it didn’t let me down! A new job and a festive latte all in one day?! I don’t know how this week’s going to get any better.

Thursday 20th November

No work today! Well actually I did have work but this type of work never feels like work. I managed to secure myself a successful skype audition last week for a dental film shoot today. It was SO much fun. If my mum had been there I think she would have collapsed with excitement. I’ve found with a lot of London studios like this one, they look super dodgy from the outside but as soon as you walk in they’re modern, stylish and not one bit creepy. 

I worked with some lovely people and played a patient within this e-learning video. I may as well just go out and say what my character had as you may well see it in the near future. SOOOOO my character has a cold sore which at first my character mistakes for Herpes. HA! And who said acting wasn’t a glamorous profession. I felt I played the character very well and perfected the line ‘What?! You’re kidding right? I’ve herpes in my mouth?‘ I tell you what if I ever managed to make it and have a documentary about how I went from here to success then I hope to god that they don’t find this little gem. I love castings, especially when they do your hair and make-up. I love feeling pampered so whenever there is an opportunity to get it done, I don’t need to be asked twice! They had also bought ALL the Pret food which was free for us to consume so I wasted no time in wolfing down some food when I finished the shoot. I said my goodbyes and left at around 1ish which was very much earlier than I expected to finish. I was grateful because I had to get to Primark to shop for an all black outfit for my promotional work this evening. I managed to get the whole sha-bang for £24 which included a top, trousers and shoes combo. Very impressed! So the luckiest thing also happened to me today, I was walking out of Primark when a girl stopped me in the street. She said she was working at Toni and Guy and her hair model had just dropped out and that I would be doing her a massive favour by coming into the academy and getting my hair cut for free. In my head this was the process…

Toni & Guy…. YES.

Free hair cut which I haven’t had in several months…YES

Again, I didn’t need to be asked twice so followed her into the Academy which was just AMAZING and had my hair washed, cut and blow-dried. It looked amazing and if I ever have the opportunity to hire my own hair stylist to do my hair every day, I’m going straight to Toni and Guy and grabbing the girl who cut my hair. I believe her name was Millie. If anyone needs a free haircut and lives in London then let me know as she’s after hair models! This evening I had my first shift at the Grimm Tales immersive theatre experience. It was all very new to me because it was promotional work but it was so much fun and a doddle to do. I love serving behind a bar so the combination of bar work and working in a theatrical environment is perfect. This day has been the best and make sure you check out the links below this blog for information on what I’ve mentioned.

Friday 21st November

This morning I had my eagerly anticipated fitting appointment with a fitting agency called Gap Presents. It was a bizarre experience as it just required me to fill in a form and get measured. I was hoping that the measurements would please the woman and it did. Another successful casting which should in this case, bring me regular weekly work at a very, VERY reasonable rate. I booked my bus for 3pm to travel to Cardiff to see Sam. I could have got an earlier one at 2pm which I did actually make it for but I thought at the time that if my fitting had overrun then I’d be in trouble! The journey there was long and I would advise no one to travel via bus during the Friday afternoon as we got stuck in rush-hour traffic and didn’t make it to Cardiff until 45 minutes later than our original ETA. However, Sam was waiting for me at the bus stop which made it all worth while. 

What a couple of cutie pies!

We then had a much deserved Subway and ended up watching Fawlty Towers of all programmes. What a timeless classic though eh?!

Saturday 22nd November

‘So I’ll be there…putting on my top hat, tying up my white tie, brushing off my tails.’

So myself and Sam were stopping in his Auntie’s gorgeous house in Bristol and where we were going to be spending the evening watching what was going to surely be a fantastic performance of TopHat. I should know as I saw it when it started off it’s tour in London! The whole of Sam’s family were there and we go some time in the afternoon to go shopping at The Mall which was so much fun and I definitely spent money that I hadn’t got on lipsticks that I definitely needed! I got a lovely one from Topshop called Black Widow and two others from H&M.

From left to right is the Burgandy/Wild Thing and Red/Downtown both from H&M and then Black Widow from Topshop. Links will be below. TopHat ended up being amazing and was lovely to see it in the Hippodrome as I’m pretty sure I had never been before.

Sunday 23rd November

After a lovely week and weekend and a knackering one at that, we stayed at Sam’s Aunties until we got our train back at 3pm and enjoyed some lovely home-made soup for lunch. After getting back, we managed to meet up with Sam’s friends Ollie and Erin and enjoyed a giggle and a lovely Pizza to finish off the evening. We left sooner rather than later as we had to get enough sleep to be up at 5am to get my 6.30am Megabus journey.

Today (24th November)

So I’m up to date with the nearly whole week of not blogging which again I apologise for and I applaud you if you’ve actually read through the entirety of this blog. It’s definitely appreciated. I’ve got a hard month coming up due to working every day and then throwing myself straight into panto but I’m ready and excited to get back onto stage for a change. I’m also feeling a little sick so I’m going to have a power nap to rest my eyes and perk myself up a little.

Have a glorious day!

Natalie-Ann x

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