Mad About Social Media?!

Ok so I’m OBSESSED with social media. I am constantly on Instagram posting photos around three to four times a day. I try and tweet as often as I can and I am constantly creating ideas for my videos and blogs. Why? 

Well firstly, I have always been a very driven person. Whether this be in my acting or my personal life, I always try and make the most of my days. Yes, sometimes (and I’m sure we’re all guilty of this) I have days where I do sod all but you need a day off every now and again! I have always been interested in social media and if it weren’t for pursuing acting, I believe I would have focused more on English and followed a journalism/writer career. Since leaving university, my blog has become my way of improving my writing skills. I also do it because it gives me the opportunity to let my friends and family know what I’m up to. I’m very envious of living away from most of my family and friends. It’s not a simple 10 minute walk or bus ride to my parent’s house!

Love this photo!

I think I also use social media so much because getting up the career ladder now, is no longer just about going to and from to work. People are improving their resumes constantly, businesses are constantly finding new ways of using social media to promote their product(s). As a performer, I feel that marketing myself effectively as a product, will hopefully put me in front of the eyes of the right people within the industry. It hopefully shows how hard I work and how passionate I am in turning my dreams into a reality.

I know it sounds cheesy but I want to end up on television or in the cinema. I’m always thinking about it when I watch a drama series or a film. I want to be there, doing what those lucky actors are doing. I want to be comfortable, knowing I’m making a living but in something that I am in love with. When I was younger, I used to perform scenes in my room that I made up myself (if anyone saw me in my bedroom window angrily shouting at my mirror, I apologise). 

So please support me in my quest for the actor’s paradise and follow me on as many of my social media platforms as possible! You can find them all on the left hand side of my blog under the ‘Follow Me’ tab!

Natalie-Ann x

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