Girly Sleepovers and A Lot Of Wine!

Hannah Banana came over last night for a much needed girly sleepover <3

Best Friends
Old photo alert!

I had travelled back from Bluewater in Dartford/Kent after doing a day’s work for a well known brand in a drugstore. It was a pretty good events job. I love the versatility of my jobs and the variety of them, how every one is slightly different to the next. Anyway back to the girly sleepover…

I had a nice bottle of red vino that had been given to me by someone I work for on waitressing/catering events for obviously doing such a good job 😉 This red wine went down very well throughout the evening and as I’m typing this, myself and Sean are just finishing what remains of the bottle. When Hannah arrived we decided and god knows why, to do the insanity dvd. Actually I do know why, it’s because we’re trying to get fit and toned. We both feel we’re at points in our body where we don’t feel sexy and I think that’s really important to an individual. People should feel comfortable with their body despite whether they’re a size 0 or a size 18. As long as you’re happy, who gives a monkeys what other people think?! Myself and Hannah used this insanity challenge as a way of kick starting a month of physical training to get back into shape. If you’ve read some of my previous blogs, I may have mentioned this insanity challenge before. Jesus am I unfit.

Starting from tomorrow, I’m going running and I’m doing this insanity challenge every day, whether it means getting up early in the morning or doing it last thing at night. I know it’s going to help me build up my stamina and feel fit and healthy again. This is something that the smoothies I’ve been making are also going to help me with. The insanity work out was excruciating and it was only the fit test! It was Hannah’s first time, she was popping her insanity cherry, if I could be so crude to say. I then cooked a bacon carbonara (a bacon and mushroom carbonara for me) and god damn was it delicious. I give full credit to Sean for the recipe because it’s incredibly tasty. We then watched Dream Girls and an episode of Game of Thrones. Now I tried to get into this during my third year of University but to no avail. I was a busy bee and just didn’t have the time to get into a series. I was watching Vampire Diaries at the time and then Breaking Bad appeared and then any sort of series had no chance of making an appearance! So Hannah sat me down and made me listen and watch carefully to the first episode. To be perfectly honest, I can see myself getting into it, so I’m going to have to fit it in somewhere. That and watching Once Upon A Time which I am currently addicted to. I have heard a few of my friends mention it on Facebook and it is such a great concept of a show. Fairytales set in the modern day as well as the fantasy realm they come from. GENIUS! If you have Netflix, I suggest you watch it. Actually just pay for Netflix in general, my life is now complete, it’s as if a missing piece was missing from my life and now I know why. Netflix.

We then massaged each other with a Lush massage bar whilst we sat and giggled, talking about life and sipping wine. We finished it off with some face masks which ended a perfect night with one of my favourite friends. LOVE YOU Hannah!

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