Student vs Graduate.

I often find myself reflecting on university and how good it was being there. I don’t think I would have experienced as many life changing things if I’d not gone to university and taken a different route. This leads me to find out what’s changed between…

Student Natalie


Graduate Natalie

So let’s see a few examples of what’s different….

1. Student Natalie drank A LOT of alcohol. Too much alcohol. 

I still have this dressing gown.

Graduate Natalie drinks less alcohol nowadays.

2. Student Natalie ate waaaaaaaaayyyy too much junk food.

Graduate Natalie eats a lot healthier.

Look at all that salad.

3. Student Natalie had horrendous fashion sense.

Graduate Natalie has thankfully gotten a little better.

4. Student Natalie loved a thoughtful, deep and provoking selfie.

Graduate Natalie has resorted to selfies on other people’s walls.

5.  Student Natalie was a big fan of takings thousands of photos and creating a lot of albums on Facebook.

Graduate Natalie still takes lots of photos.

6. Student Natalie didn’t understand how to wash clothes.

Graduate Natalie OWNS her laundry.

7. Student Natalie did what she loved to do.

And Graduate Natalie is doing what she wants to do too!

I’m very proud of where I’ve gotten so far! Everyone should give this a go. I’m also very grateful for the friends I’ve made and kept along the way. Love you all!

Natalie-Ann x

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