What’s Happened To Music?

Whilst trawling through the entertainment websites of today, I stumbled upon an article about One Direction splitting up. Now I totally understand their need to take a break from the madness and pursue other things in their life. However, it brings me back to that same old question, will there ever be great music again?

Call me old fashioned but I am a big fan of all things rock and roll. I love the classics of Billie Joel and Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac and Queen. These are just a few artists whose music have managed to stay strong through generations and I just feel that our generation’s music seems to have a sell by date. I’m very grateful for my dad bringing me up with some great music. Sure when, I was a child the sound of Aerosmith was just a load of loud noise but I grew to appreciate the talents and the sound. I think it influenced my performance side and for that dad I thank you!


I highly doubt that One Direction will be remembered twenty or thirty years down the line. Sure their songs are catchy, but they haven’t really stood the test of time or made a BIG impact…to me anyway! Most artists seem to have a few years in the spotlight then fade away for a few years before coming with a one off track or two and then disappearing off the face of the planet for another two years. I kinda wish I could have grown up around the time Aerosmith were in their prime. I would have totally been a groupie/fan girl.

I don’t know whether anyone agrees with me but it would be nice to hear a lot more indie artists to find new sounds. There’s a lot of artists in the industry at the moment that pretty much sound the same and it gets boring. Do me a favour and listen to this girl, she’s a friend of mine and hopefully she’ll get her foot into the industry door. This song is so catchy and just so raw with talent. None of this auto-tuned nonsense.


I’m rambling and I’m not making a very solid argument. It’s 00.10am (14th September so you’ll be reading this on this day but in the evening!)  and I need to go bed.

Natalie-Ann x

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