The Struggles Of A Food Monster.

There’s no denying that I love my food. I mean, I really love food. The amount of people that have told me ‘girl, you eat like a man’ or friends will say to new people that I meet that ‘this girl can eat like no other’. These comments make me very proud because YES I love food and I will probably be able to eat a lot of people under the table if I’m hungry enough. But when you’re a foodaholic like myself, there can be some daily struggles I and my fellow food monsters endure…

1. You think about food all the time.

2. You’re always the one to order a starter because having just a main is just WRONG.

Who’s for olives?

3. You’re always the first to finish you’re food.

Must slow down..before..oh and it’s all gone. Nevermind.

4. When you have a big breakfast and you’re friends/family tell you that we’ll just have a snack for lunch.

You’re telling me we’re skipping A MEAL?!

5. Sharing bags of ‘to share’ crisps or sweets is just not possible.

Err awkward. I don’t share food…

6. Eating leftovers off other people’s plates is no longer shameful.

7. And sometimes when you have a meal, you really could just eat it all over again.

Enough said.

Natalie-Ann x

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