My Future Dog

It’s inevitable that I will one day become a dog owner. I’ve always loved dogs and pets in general. The connection you have with you’re pet over time, becomes very much a member of you’re family. As much as I’m fearful of Maisie, our devil-I mean Yorkshire Terrier, I would still miss her when she passes away. (She’s got years left in her anyway so myself, family members and friends can look forward to more years of peeing on you’re leg and biting body parts, e.g. toes and fingers).

From the experience of already owning a Yorkshire Terrier, I will NOT be getting a tiny dog. No no no no no no no no no no no.

Instead I’ve got a few breeds that I find incredibly adorable and heart-breaking that I have to share with you. So here’s a few dogs I’d love to share my life with.

Cocker Spaniel

Golden Retriever



Bernese Mountain 

Jack Russell 


Chow Chow

Jesus, now I’m going to spend all evening looking at pets for sale on the Interweb and telling myself, I’m too young and busy to take responsibility for a pet. One day my friends, one day…

Natalie-Ann x

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