Life In An Office!

Although my career in drama is going to be a long and painful journey to success, I would hate to be anywhere else. One of the things I’ve always despised the idea of is working in an office. Sure, I’ve done a lot of work in offices on a temporary basis whenever I’ve needed the extra cash but to do it Monday to Friday, 9-6?! Pull the other one.

I have a very creative mind. Whether it be through my drama or in everyday life, the idea of being cooped up at a desk for several hours of the day, having to likely eat at you’re desk, seeing the same people every day, taking the same route every day. I think it would drive me insane!

As much as I curse myself for getting into acting, I’ve never once genuinely thought, ok maybe I should try out another career path. Perseverance and a powerful drive is the key to success. It isn’t handed to you on a plate, there are thousands upon thousands of people just like you, who might actually be better. Yes, it’s who you know and being in the right place at the right time, but to be able to know who you know and being in that right place is having the perseverance to keep going when you’ve had several rejections within a month. It’s having the drive, to work those extra hours to apply for castings, to refresh you’re headshots, to admit to yourself, ok this isn’t working, let me try something else.

I admit that I’m very stubborn, I always want to do things for myself. I’m very independent and I’m proud to be so. However, I have inherited both an optimistic and pessimistic side from my parents. I’m optimistic that one day, something will come around the corner when I least expect it. But I am also pessimistic to know that I’ve already been in London for a year now and nothing substantial has happened. It’s time I started thinking about perhaps doing a Masters at a Drama School and then maybe taking a few courses specifically in acting for screen, which is where I want my career to go. It’s probably going to cost a lot (if I were to get in of course), but I feel the outcome provides me with the knowledge that I’ve exhausted every possibility of succeeding in my career.

And on a more annoying note, if the woman opposite me on this train, tries to kick me in the leg once more whilst, she’s sleeping. I’m going to find the loudest alarm sound possible and give her a rude awakening.



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