Christmas Prep!

I can’t believe it’s nearly December and it’s going to be 2016 very soon. So much has happened this year and I’m incredibly excited for what 2016 has in store. But before we wish this year away, we face the dreaded Christmas shop. Now if you’re like me, I put things off until last minute especially when it comes to buying Birthday and Christmas presents. Although this year my preparation for Christmas has proved to be much more hopeful this year. I started creating a list for my nearest and dearest to figure out what I needed to get and therefore set myself a budget. So far I have completed 3 people’s gifts and probably have another 5/6 to go. Working at Lush obviously has it’s perks so my mum’s Christmas present is all sorted and so is part of my Nan & Grandad’s!

It’s totally different being an adult at Christmas, it’s no longer about the excitement of Santa Claus or spending time with the family without a care in the world. No bills or life to worry about. Now however it’s about buying presents and worrying about the next load of bills coming out. A struggling actor like me will never have savings!

I do really enjoy Christmas shopping but something about shopping in London is extra special. There are obviously a ton more people including tourists crammed onto the streets. I’m obviously not going to leave it till the week before because that would be just stupid.

I’d probably be this woman here,

Either way, London is looking pretty magical right now and it’s great to be able to shop on the streets of Oxford Street with all the festivity decorated up and down the street and in the stores.

Have you started buying your christmas presents yet?!

Natalie-Ann x

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