Pocket Money…

If you were fortunate enough to get a weekly pocket money allowance like myself, being able to spend it on all your favourite things was just the most rewarding thing in the world. However, I had to earn my pocket money through chores and helping out my mum when she had Alfie. I really became mummy no2 when he was a little baba!

Anyway, here’s what I spent my hard earned cash on…


Never one to have too many sweets, as a child you’d find me raiding the sweetie aisle down the local shop. Some of which would include Brain Lickers, Flumps and Pick ‘n’ Mix. It was always a sort of religious routine of going to the shop on the way back from school and picking out a handful of sweets before running back excitedly to my mum’s car where I’d often surprise her with a bar of chocolate (I mean, what can I say – best daughter everrrrr). I also vividly remember really enjoying the primary school discos we used to have. Not for the fact I’d be seeing friends or dancing awkwardly on one side of the room with the boys on the other side. Oh no. I was permanently fixated on the sweets in the other hall, where you could get 100 sweets for £1. ON IT!

2. Magazines

Before I realised I was being brainwashed into thinking one size shown on a magazine is representative of all sizes, I loved buying magazines with my allowance. It didn’t always stretch that far to get all the magazines I wanted but there were a couple like Cosmo Girl and I think Bliss was another one that I was hooked on. It’s funny how back when I was younger, I was conscious of the way I looked and how others perceived me. Now? I don’t care!

3. Saved it into the bank

I’ve always been a saver when it comes to money, it’s in my blood! I think I certainly get it from my mum as she’s always been one to save within the family (when she can that is – most of the time one of the three of us siblings would be asking or needing something). I’ve become a little more looser with my money but I still never overspend and am very careful to make sure that all my bills are paid on time and that I never owe any money! Therefore, saving money in the bank was definitely something I did a lot when I was younger, especially birthday money. I don’t know whether I ever really had much pocket money left to save after I’d brought my sweets and magazines but maybe some did!

That’s all! What a trip down memory lane. Tell me, did you have pocket money when you were younger? If so, what did you spend it on?!

Natalie-Ann x

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