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Working at Lush so far has been awesome. It doesn’t really feel like work because your selling products you really love. It doesn’t feel like a typical retail job because your just making sure the customers enjoy the whole experience of the store. Especially as the store is the largest one in the world! It’s great because you get the opportunity to not only show Lush’s products to the lovely customers we get through the door but to also see the benefits from the products themselves from the continuous use of it. Skincare is probably one of my favourite sections especially because of the Fresh Face Masks we have exclusively to the store. A lot of people forget that Lush do more than just the typical bath bombs and body lotions. There is so much more to experience and they are much better and kinder to your skin than those currently on the retail market. Here’s just a few of the products I now use in my recently non-existent skincare routine.


This is part of the exclusive line of Fresh Face Masks. Each mask contains specific fresh ingredients like fruit and vegetables that benefit the skin in a certain way. Rosey cheeks is one of my favourites because it’s a smooth cream (so perfect for those who don’t like exfoliating ones) and it’s a great calming face mask for those who experience redness in the skin and irritated skin because it’s full of rose ingredients. Oatifix has been a stern favourite of mine since discovering the Fresh Face masks. It contains crushed Bananas (lots of Vitamin E in there for healthy glowing skin) and it also has crushed almonds, the shells acting as the exfoliator and the almond oil that’s realised, nourishes, hydrates and softens the skin.

Let the Good Times Roll!

OMG THIS IS SO GOOD. So this facial cleanser is the one on the left, its a paste that when put with a bit of water can be rubbed together into a wet paste. You then apply this to the face, exfoliate it into the skin and then wash off. It has ground cinnamon and popcorn inside. It also has almond shells in it which acts as the exfoliator. It smells so good that you could eat your own face if you could.

Vanishing Cream

I’ve always disliked creams that sit on the skin, I like a moisturiser that will soak into the skin almost immediately and not look greasy or shiny on the skin. Vanishing cream is perfect for me because it not only does this but it gives my skin a matte look which I love. I tend to use it in the morning before applying my make-up as it acts as a good base to apply make-up on. It’s a light cream, contains lots of cocoa butter and contains essential oils such as Lavender and Neroli oil. Neroli oil is a natural anti-depressant so it makes me look good and feel good!

UltraBland Cream 

UltraBland cream is really thick and great for getting rid of literally any dirt and make-up on the skin. I use it alternatively to make-up wipes because it does the same job and its full of beeswax, rose water, almond oil and honey. This concoction makes for the perfect removal of mascara! Once all the cream is washed off with warm water and a cotton pad, finish off with some toner water to remove any excess UltraBland cream. 

Full of Grace

This facial serum is just beautiful. It’s a solid serum that is full of murumuru butter which is highly moisturising so it’s great for skin that needs a little hydration. It also contains the wonderful Portobello Mushroom which is full of minerals and gives the skin a nice healthy glow. Chamomile Blue is also in the mix which is great for calming down skin.

Roma Water

Never really been interested in toner water until I began working at Lush. This Roma water is perfect for naturally irritated and sensitive skin. Use a couple of cotton pads to gently remove any dirt from the face and it’s great to use after applying face masks and exfoliators. 

Steam Dream Tabs

I’ve never tried these tabs so it will be interesting to test them out. They have two types, a tea tree toner and these, the steam dream tabs! All you do is add a tab to boiled water and inhale the fumes. The combination of calm the skin, reducing redness and irritated skin. Also because it contains lavender oil, it would be great to use before going to bed. It would be great for those who struggle to get to sleep. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Seeing as it’s Christmas, definitely treat yourself to some of these products. They’re super effective and whats more they are good for both your skin and the environment around us!

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