WearAll Fashion | Summer Picks

In an online shopping world that’s just as popular as what’s on our high streets, it can be difficult to shop in the right places. WearAll provides cheap clothing that’s fashionable and still on trend with a lot of mainstream stores. Over the past couple of months, I’ve had been wearing some of these gorgeous pieces from their range to find out if they stand the test of time aka will they survive several washes and Natalie being clumsy AF whilst wearing them.

Denim Jacket

Probably my favourite piece from the collection has to be this Morgan Oversize Distressed Acid Wash Denim Jacket with sections around the front and back that are slightly ripped. I’ve wanted a denim jacket this Summer but failed to find any long ones on the high street. Short denim jackets can sometimes point out the lesser attractive areas (to me) that I might want to keep hidden. I love that this jacket goes all the way down to my bottom more or less and I feel totes hipster in it.

Denim Jacket

The corset trend has very much become a staple this year, especially over the past few months. I love how this Titania Strappy Floral Lace Up Bust Skater Dress incorporates that trend with the corset running straight down the chest and cutting off at the waist to cinch my figure in a little. A slight problem with this dress was that as soon as I put it on, one of the straps snapped, so I had to do a quick re-sow and made sure to go over the other strap just in case.

Corset Floral Dress

This is probably my favourite shirt/dress because of how damn sexy I feel in it. Embracing my inner rock child, this Wanda Acid Wash Rock Plunge Choker T-Shirt Dress has a deep plunge that is a perhaps a little too cheeky without some form of coverage around the boob area. I love the neck strap (don’t know what else to call it) and I just love how fun this outfit is.

I don’t think this can be classed as a dress though, unless you are more petite. I had to wear this with some jeans but it still looks great.

Rocky T-Shirt Dress

Next one down is a curvy little number and one I wore for the first time at Sam’s graduation. I didn’t realise at the time but the Tracy Floral Bardot Wrapover Bodycon Mini Dress definitely rides up on bare skin, so I had to get some safety pins as a temporary measurement. Since then, my mum has stitched up the gap in between the thighs and I’ve now realised that wear shorts underneath the dress, helps keep the material in place. It’s a gorgeous dress though and one I’ll definitely be wearing for the remainder of the Summer. 

Floral Clevage Dress

The final one is another corset number. I kept seeing all these shirts with a makeshift corset on the front and I knew that I had to have one. I’m actually missing the black lace that goes with this top so I had to improvise with another individual corset that I have. I love this Wendy Lace Up Corset 3/4 Sleeve Shirt Dress with a denim skirt or ripped jeans. It just screams comfort and that’s what I love. Plus it’s black and black is always a very slimming colour for me.

Corset Shirt

Close up of corset shirt

I wouldn’t say the clothing is all very high quality. There’s definitely some minor issues with some of the outfits but the denim jacket alone for me, makes up for it. I love that this clothing is super affordable and some of their more basic clothes are perfect for casual wear and layering with other pieces.

What looks do you like from this collection? Let me know in the comments below.