The Bluffer’s Guide To…


Ever wanted to impress your family, fellow friends or co-workers about a subject like Vino and James Bond? Well now you can, thanks to The Bluffer’s Guide To…


These are mini books with incredible detailed information about the topic in hand. My favourite out of the two was certainly Bond. It had so much information about each of the Bond novels, the film versions and facts that may be unknown for the most dedicated of 007’s fans. The Bluffer’s Guide To Wine can certainly turn you into a wine connoisseur amongst your friendship group. The Bluffer’s Guide does what it says on the front cover – Bluff! The information given in the several series and editions they have reveal genuinely interesting facts and history that will help you when you next have a social encounter with that one person who likes to be a know it all!


These two are just a couple in a series of which there are many. They are:


 Insider Hollywood




Stand-up Comedy


The Quantum Universe





…and those are just two of the four categories!


They have an array to suit anyone’s tastes or interests so do check out their website and buy yourself one tomorrow as it’s Black Friday and they are counting down to their very own Black Friday offer which is 50% off across the entire weekend including Cyber Monday!

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