Think Of Your Future – 22nd May ’17


A couple of years back, if you’d asked me if I voted I would have turned around and laughed in your face. I mean not maliciously of course but in that ‘ha are you kidding me?!‘ sort of way.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that women have fought and died for the right for me to vote but I was so adamant that my vote counted for nothing and that our government was a load of toffs who couldn’t be trusted. #itstruethough

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I still believe that we as a generation don’t have enough representatives for our concerns and our worries for the future in parliament at the moment. Instead, it’s in the hands of the older generation who to be honest, won’t be the ones who have to deal with the repercussions of their actions.

But before I go ahead, I have to say that I am not the most political person – hell I’m the opposite. If there’s a news story about the running of our country involving any parties, I tend to just skip ahead and read something a little more light-hearted like the latest bad tattoo on MTV’s Just Tattoo Of Us (this show is the bee’s knees jus sayin’).

So when did all this change? When did I decide to vote? It was actually last year when our nation was given the choice to stay or leave the EU aka Brexit. It was such a close run in the polls that when I went to bed that night, I hoped and prayed that we would still be in the EU the next morning. Turns out though that we’d lost and yes I did vote to stay in the EU.

I was angry and frustrated. It was the first time that I’d actually felt so passionate about something politically motivated. I was distraught that some friends and family had voted to leave. Surely being united was better than being apart?

What made it even more laughable was that those people who voted to leave (and those who sat on the fence) said we should just ‘move on‘ and ‘let’s all just unite together as a country‘.

Er no, let’s not. We were and still are clearly divided as a country because the votes were so close to being a 50/50 split. After all this came out, I saw a staggering 28% didn’t vote. That’s about 13 million people. 


But how could I be angry? Only the year before, I was part of that percentage who didn’t vote. And I get why those people didn’t. I really do.

Recently I saw a tweet where bloggers were planning on spearheading a campaign to get more young people voting and I really wanted to get involved. I’m not going to tell you who to vote for because this is your decision. What I would tell you, is to do some research. Find out more about those parties in government and make a decision on what you feel rather than be influenced by others.

With so much information being thrust in our faces, it is hard to make sense of it all. So if you do find yourself a little overwhelmed, there are quizzes like this one, that can help show you which parties support your views.

So please use your vote. It’s important that you have your say and as silly as it may sound, your vote does count. Registration closes tonight at 11.59pm so make sure you do it now by clicking here.

Remember that this is your future so make sure you decide on how it pans out.

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