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So I’ve always had an on-going battle with the gym. Whilst I was at the gym, I probably managed to go the gym on numerous occasions and do stints of around 2-3 weeks at a time but I’d always end up falling off the wagon due to other commitments such as….drinking.

Since leaving university and moving more importantly to New Cross, I discovered Pure Gym. Pure Gym has branches all over the country and they vary in membership due to location. Obviously London is going to be the most expensive but to be honest at £26.99 for full use of the gym and classes (bar a couple) what you get for your money is definitely worth it.

Now I’ve never been a fan of the cardio machines such as the rowing machine and treadmill but since going with Sean my housemate who’s more than experienced in the gym, I’ve discovered a love for weight lifting.

I’ve been going the gym now pretty much since we moved into the flat so that’ll be 5-6 months. Sean taught me the most important aspects of working out including that of form. I’ve recently noticed plenty of people in the gym that may not be lifting weights properly or their body is not in the correct position for the work out they’re doing. Form is such an important factor when working out because it maximises the usefulness of the exercise.

Free weights are the most fun I’ve had at the gym thus far. Whether it be using the bars for squats or lifting them above my head and hoping I won’t drop them, I love using them. For me, most of the time it doesn’t feel like a work out as it doesn’t have much of a repetitive slog that running on a treadmill or rowing has.

Most recently, I’ve noticed a major difference to my body shape. Sean’s told me that a lot of people express the want to lose weight and then tone up but you can tone up as you lose weight. The fat you use isn’t necessarily lost but turns into muscle. I’ve seen a major improvement to my upper body and I’m beginning to see a difference in my abs too. I’ve also gone down to a size 10 in bottoms which is incredible.

My end goal is to have this sort of body shape…

I still want to maintain the bust and butt, but I’d like my tummy area to be properly toned and my love handles banished! My arms are pretty much where I want them to be and my legs are quickly getting there too.

I’m doing this for myself and no one else which is the most important aspect of going to the gym. I also like the fact that I’m both eating healthily and drinking less. Combining this with my workout, I’m seeing a big difference and I’m very excited for the New Year and what that has in store.

Natalie-Ann x

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