10 Ways To Get Into The Christmas Spirit

It’s nearly Christmas and for some people getting into the Christmas spirit is harder than others. So I thought that I’d compile a list of things that you can do, if your one of those struggling to ignite that Christmas spirit!

1. Listen to all of the Christmas songs.

Oh sweet lord.

This is an obvious one, don’t deny you enjoy the high pitched voice of Maria Carey singing All I Want For Christmas Is You and George Michael’s less than funky hairstyle in Last Christmas. Pop on those tunes and whack it up to maximum volume. Break through the Scrooge in you!

2. Watch ALL of the Christmas movies.

You cannot deny that there isn’t one Christmas movie out there that you don’t like. Who cannot love little Kevin out of Home Alone and his hilarious pranks or perhaps Arnold Schwar-what’s-his-name being super cheesy and saving the day in Jingle All The Way. Don’t deny your inner child. ITS TURBO  CHRISTMAS TIME!

3. Decorate your house/flat/accommodation.

If you haven’t already decorated your place with tacky tinsel and £2.50 fairy lights THEN WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Spread some Christmas vomit all over the house. If your next door neighbour is outdoing you in the lighting department, click here.

Just think of that electrical bill you’ll get in the New Year!

4. Eat your advent calendar every day and don’t cheat. If you don’t have an advent calendar buy yourself a chocolate bar every day. 

Imagine the amount of freaking sugar you’d be consuming on a daily basis. That’ll keep you going through any boring daytime job. If you don’t like chocolate, then there’s plenty of other gifts you can treat yourself to. Prada, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein…

5. Light some candles (Christmas scented obvs!)

Christmas candles are all the range at this moment in time, you can find them in most shops especially places like Clintons and the Yankee candle store. I’ve currently got a few Christmas scented tea lights burning around my flat and it’s just a beautiful thing.

6. Bake some cookies, cakes or perhaps some festive soup!

Christmas is all about spoiling yourself and baking around the Christmas period is so festive and is a valid excuse to eat your own body weight in unhealthy snacks. Follow my recipe for Christmas cookies here or maybe if you’re more of a savoury person, then use my Festive soup recipe here!

7.  Buy a Christmas jumper and wear it EVERY DAY.

My family now own a Christmas jumper and we will definitely be wearing it on Christmas Day, but what’s stopping you from wearing it EVERY DAY in the run up to Christmas. Granted it may smell but you will look and feel super festive. Buy a Christmas jumper from any high street retailers now!

8.  Do some Christmas shopping.

If you’re like me in recent years and you haven’t done your Christmas shopping yet then get a move on! Don’t wait until the last minute and use the power of technology and do it all online. Avoid the queues, the throngs of annoying people trying to get what you want and relax in the comfort of your own home.

9. Make yourself or assign a beverage as your Christmas drink.

For the past couple of years, myself and my mum have gotten through a big bottle of Baileys pretty easily. This for us is our Christmas tipple. I am also loving Pukka’s Peppermint and Liquorice tea at the moment. It just tastes like Christmas! So pick yours and get drinking.

10. Spend your time with family and friends.

This festive period is all about spending time with family and friends. It’s important you value your time with those you love and spending time with these people will definitely make you feel super festive.

Natalie-Ann x

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