My Favourite Moments From 2015

2015 has been an incredible year for me. Moving away from university life completely and settling into London has been quite an experience. So much so that I thought I’d let you know my favourite moments of 2015.

Blogging Daily

I’ve loved writing from a young age and after going to university and writing so many essays, I found my writing had improved ten fold. Therefore, I wanted something that would keep up my writing technique but would also be fun. I created my blog just over a year ago, it was a way of keeping my family and friends updated with everything I was up to whilst down in London. I’d concentrated a lot more on my YouTube Channel than my blog at the time, however that’s become the complete opposite. I started daily blogging at the end of September and my view count went from 9,000 odd to nearly 20,000 in the space of a couple of months. I’m very fortunate and grateful to all those who have read and continue to read my blog. I predict that in 2016, my blog will have definitely hit over 100,000 by this time next year.

Filming Timeviewer

I remember going to the audition and leaving it thinking I wasn’t going to get the role. Auditions are so damn hard to judge that eventually you go in, do the audition, come out and not think about it again until you get the final decision. It’s a tough industry and one that I found very difficult to be in on my own. With applying to my Masters and hopefully going to a stage school, I will be doing stuff like Timeviewer hopefully more than just once every couple of months. Working on the set with the Timeviewer cast and crew was epic. The crew were so professional even though they were students from the Met Film School. They’re professionalism was apparent throughout and I loved every moment of it. Many of my friends and family have been asking when the film is going out. Unfortunately, there was never a film, we just shot a trailer of 40 odd seconds that took 3 days to film. Now I see why films take so long to make!

Sam Moving Down

Nothing is better than having your other half finally move down to London. Being away from him for so long felt like I was missing a part of me. You spend every day together at university and then you have to cope with not seeing them for 5-6 weeks at a time, which for me was difficult. Finally though, he’s moving down and I couldn’t be happier!

Watching Hannah Graduate

A proud moment for me was seeing my Sam’s beautiful sister Hannah graduate. She looked simply stunning in her outfit and like a proud mother, I filmed her going up onto the stage and collecting her degree. It reminded me of our graduation and what a special yet surreal moment it is. Hannah studied in Exeter and the university grounds itself were lovely.

My Best Friend Gets Her Dream Job

My best friend Hannah McCarthy got her dream job this year working at Independent Talent Group as an Assistant Voice Over Agent! I remember at the time, she was really nervous about the interviews and she was pining over this one job which seemed perfect. I told her not to worry and hey presto, she got the job! She’s dealing with so many well-known celebrities it’s so surreal. Hannah McCarthy, the gorgeous girl I met at university and whom I’m now best friends with, is all grown up.

Working At Lush

So it may only have been a temporary position but I have LOVED working at Lush this festive season. My contract ends at the end of December and I’ve reapplied to continue working into the New Year. Lush is such a fantastic company, they care for their staff, their customers and for charities all over the globe. They produce products that benefit the individual instead of causing more problems and most importantly they don’t test on animals. Fingers crossed that I get to stay with this company into the New Year because it’s like being part of a famous big family!

Moving House

Moving house was one of the big things that happened this year. We went from Dartford to New Cross and the change has been incredible. I now have more time to do more, rather than spend nearly 2 hours a day commuting back and forth into London. The difficulty I found with living in Dartford was the running of trains and how little often they came by. It was made even worse if any were delayed or cancelled. Thankfully in New Cross, it’s an overground that can either go directly to London Bridge within 10 minutes or a 5 minute journey straight to the Jubilee line. I also have a lot more time and flexibility that I can put to good use.


I was lucky enough to go on THREE holidays this year. This I think makes up for the lack of holidays I’ve had in previous years.  One of these was a trip to Barcelona with Sam’s family. The weather was gorgeous, the views spectacular and the historic buildings and places we visited were beautiful. I managed to discover an artist called Guadi who was responsible for creating such weird and wonderful architecture, which you can find here. I also discovered Monopoly but in the card version. It caused many…..disagreements and let’s just leave it at that, eh Sam? Hannah?!

New York With Mammy

BEST TRIP EVER! I was super lucky enough to visit New York and wow was it incredible. What I couldn’t get over were the buildings and how tall they were. London is nothing in terms of scale when it’s put alongside New York. It looks just like what you see in the movies and the magic of New York is just so exciting. Myself and my mum managed to cram in every single possible tourist attraction including The Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero and the 9/11 Memorial Museum, The Empire State Building and we also managed to see a Broadway show. We did all the open top tour bus routes except one and we even managed to visit some proper American diners. It was such a surreal trip and one that I’m never going to forget. Hopefully one day, we can go again!

Seeing Take That

Seeing Take That perform was another highlight of the year. The tickets were brought as part of a family present to the Redman’s from Mum. The concert took place at the O2 stadium and what an incredible experience. I’ve never really been to a major concert before, the only one I’ve been to recently was Ed Sheeran but I was working at it, so it wasn’t quite the same. Take That came onto the stage and immediately addressed the elephant in the room by introducing themselves like this,

Gary: ‘For those of you who don’t know us, I’m Gary…’

Mark: ‘I’m Mark…’

Howard: And I’m Howard.

All: ‘And we’re what’s left of Take That!’

The crowd erupted into laughter and then they started off the show. It was definitely a spectacle with lots of special effects going off and performers in crazy costumes. The trio even travelled over the heads of fans, in what can only be described as something you’d maybe see in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory/Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Dad’s 50th

The old man turned 50 this year. Jesus I can’t believe that my dad has turned 50. When you reach a certain age after 21, you just consider it as another number and it all boils down to how young you feel at heart. I recently had a conversation with my parents over Skype after they were mucking about and behaving like adolescents. And honestly, I don’t want them to ever change. They are the best parents in the world so much so that everytime one of my friends meets them, they think they are ‘so cool’ or ‘awesome’. I always put on a front and go ‘yeah ok’ but really I feel super proud to be their daughter and even though dad is 50, he doesn’t look a day over 49.

France with the Derbyshire’s

Finally, number three out of the holidays, France with the Derbyshire’s. I was invited over by Sean and his parents to visit their place in the sun and sweet lord their place is beautiful. One day, I would love to retire in a hot climate like France or Spain. The properties over there are just my idea of heaven. They’ve actually been working on it recently as it is a little run down around the edges but I feel that adds to the beauty of it. I was very jealous of their lifestyle and it was great to spend a few days with Sean’s family, eat beautiful food and drink drink drink!

Seeing The Difference In The Gym

Wow what a difference the gym makes. The picture on the right is of me back in my second year of university and the one on the right is a very recent picture of myself. The difference is incredible, I look so much more healthier and chiseled. I can see now why my mum was so shocked at the weight I’d put on back in my university life. The change of going to the gym regularly, not eating crap and drinking my own weight in alcohol, has really improved my fitness, health and the way I look. Here’s to 2016 and looking fly.

Natalie-Ann x

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