Bloggers Required has become one of the best websites that I have ever found. As I look back on the last couple of months, my blog has rocketed in viewers and this is partly due to this website. When I first found it, I genuinely thought my blog would not even get looked at. I’d just revamped my blog design using a company called pipdig so was feeling quite hopeful. I applied to numerous brands in the hope of getting at least a response. The way in which Bloggers Required works is that you pitch your blog to the brand/company with a sort of cover letter and current stats regarding your blog. 

Within just a few hours, I received a response telling me that they loved my blog and would to work with me on their latest venture. I felt so privileged and honoured that not only did this company recognise my blog as having potential but that they were actually going to send me a product of theirs to trial and test.

Since then, I’ve applied every week and have worked with over 15 brands so far. These range from books to homeware, outfits to make-up and a few live events including, London Cocktail Week. I have very big plans for 2016, not just for my blog but for my lifestyle, work out routine and my acting career. 2016 for me will hopefully be a good one. It’s time to work hard to achieve those goals and to strive for my dreams!

I recommend any blogger trying out Bloggers Required, you never know what company might want to work with you and what will come of it in the future. I’m already e-mailing all the brands I’ve worked with so far to get testimonials to put onto my website!

Natalie-Ann x

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