Photos in London #1

So I’ve been meaning to upload these photos in so long and it’s been forever since we did this shoot. Over a month or so now ago, I met a guy called Martyn Leung. He’s a photographer and his photos capture some really cool aspects of a scene. I really like the colours and lighting he manages to capture and this is one of the reasons why I got in touch with him. I’ve been meaning to get more photos for my portfolio and to also update my blog with some pictures of me in London. It’s a little bit like a look book for my blog so I hope you like it and I’ll make sure to post up more outfits from the shoot. This is just one of the scenes we shot in with one outfit!

I’m more or less wearing Primark all over! I’ve had the coat now for over a year, it normally comes with a faux fur collar which is really great for glamming up the coat. A simple grey t-shirt and berry skinny jeans (size 10 – THANK YOU GYM!) and black wedged boots. The hat is also a Primark special.

Natalie-Ann x

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