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I’ve been asked by Halfords to promote their range of cycling essentials. Now you may be wondering, but Natalie I’ve never heard you mention you’ve been cycling recently?! You’d be right, no I haven’t cycled in forever, however that might certainly change soon. I got a bike from my housemate Sean, who unfortunately had one of his wheels (and more recently we noted) the seat stolen. Kick the bike whilst it’s down why don’t you?! Anyway, I sort of made it part of my New Year’s Resolution to get it fixed, get a new wheel, seat and accessories so that I can do more cycling whether it be leisurely or when I want to go to the gym!

So with Halford’s help I’ve accumulated some of the must haves from their cycling range. You will also eventually see me wearing/owning some of these in the near future. Introducing Halford’s ‘Cycling Essential’s Guide’. Whether you’re using your bike for work, leisure or exercise, having the right equipment and gear is essential both for your safety and for making sure your getting the most out of your investment. I say investment because bikes now cost a small fortune (or maybe they’ve always cost a fortune and I just haven’t noticed before). Halford’s have helped all those, including me, who come to the website or store looking for cycling equipment and are baffled by the variety of bike pumps on offer. They’ve put together an Essentials Guide which can be found here.

Now this is perfect for advice on what to get, when you’re on the go or the type of weather conditions you’re facing. The only issue I have is the security aspect. It would have been helpful to perhaps include a little information on how to keep a bike out in the open, safe. As myself and Sean have come to realise since living on our estate.

I think having a full outfit choice for both Summer and Winter appeals to all of us who are fashion conscious and hey, who doesn’t want to look good cycling. Show off to all those people driving in their cars that you’re fit, healthy and you look good even when you’re red in the face from sweating. At least this outerwear will keep you warm/cool depending on the season!

The commuter kit is something that’s crucial and definitely beneficial for those living in big cities where bike awareness needs to be at it’s most importance. Having the right gear on, alerting pedestrians and vehicle owners that you are in fact a human, is important for yours and others safety.

We then have those extra special goodies for those who want to splash out a little. These include a GPS which tracks your speed etc and Helmet cameras to show off your mad cycling skills!

Finally, there’s some handy tools for repairing your bike, along with healthy food to repair your body!

If that’s not enough, check out there sale items now on offer, providing you with comfort cycling shoes! You can find it all by clicking here.

I hope this inspires you for those whose bikes are collecting dust and rust in the garage or shed, to get out and do some much needed cycling. It’s the easiest way to get fit without even realising!

Natalie-Ann x

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