PAYASUGYM – First Urban Movement Fitness Event

Ok so I’m extremely gutted that I wasn’t able to attend this event because of already booking myself into some paid promotional work. (sob)


However, I was keen to let the organisers know that I’d want some information and images from the event for me to share with you, my readers! Over 100 people took part in PayAsUGym’s first ever Urban Movement Fitness event, at The Village Underground. The event saw it’s willing attendees sweat through 70 minutes of six different exercise classes, including Yoga, Pilates, Boxing and Twerking to name but a few. I definitely would have appreciated the Twerking section.




Head of Brand at PayAsUGym, Ale Alvarez said ‘The Urban Movement fitness event was a great success, everyone that took part experienced some of the different exercise classes our partners offer through our site. At the same time, [they] had a challenging but rewarding workout with friends on a Saturday morning! We want to continue to inspire and motivate more people to keep moving by taking part in our one-of-a-kind social fitness events.’



It’s certainly one of those places that will attract those of us who hate the atmosphere of a gym and want something a little more fun, exciting and won’t have you fighting over the dumbbells!


A few of the instructors from the event are below, with Bradley Simmonds leading the event.


Karen Butler – Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Yoga)

Kelechi – London Dance Academy (Dance)

Antonia – Good Vibes (Pilates)

Edgar – Capoeira Academy (Capoeira) 

Marlon Mellish – Fightzone (Boxing)


Urban Movement managed to raise over £1,000 from ticket proceeds which are donated to the chosen charity of Sport Relief. Over 3,000 calories were burnt during the first event and included pop-up stands from the event’s supporters including The Healthy Body Kit, Amazonas UK, Booband, Nuva Water and JaxCoco.


Here’s a few snaps from the event, this looked like so much fun, I’m definitely going to the next one they organise…



Just a bit of information about PayAsUGym, if you’re interested in this concept. PayAsUGym was founded by Jamie Ward and Neil Hamsworth in 2010 after being unable to find a one-off/temporary gym or pool facility whilst training for The Solent Swim. It offers single-use gym passes, bundles of passes and contract-free membership at discounted prices. They were with more than 2,300 gyms across the UK and have around 297,226 registered users. A London day pass ranges from as little as £3.15 to £30 depending on what you’re after. A class price range would cost around £3.60-£40. This massively benefits those who have a busy, on-the-go lifestyle and cannot afford to spend a lot of money at the gym if they then only end up going once a week.


Overall, the event looked like a great success and I’ll be eager to check out the next one when it comes about!


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