Making A Murderer

So I came across this a while back after skipping past it regularly on Netflix. It wasn’t until people I knew had started watching it and were completely flipping out on how good it was. So naturally, jumping on the bandwagon, I began watching the first episode. Let me start off with a brief summary of what this documentary series is about.

Steven Avery, from Manitowoc County had been a troublesome teenager way back in the 1970-1980s. An individual with a sometimes violent tendency, a trait Avery described as being part of his childhood and growing up. He was in and out prison for a lot of his youth but in 1985 he was wrongfully convicted of raping and attempting to murder Penny Beerntsen. He spent 18 years in prison whilst the real criminal roamed the streets. This information was blatantly known by the police, after receiving a tip off that they may have had the wrong guy almost 10 years into his sentence. Yet they chose to withhold this information until he was released after new evidence was found.

Only a couple years later, and just as Avery had successfully managed to sue the Manitowoc County police for $400,000 dollars, he was arrested for the murder of Teresa Halbach. He was apparently the last person to see Teresa on the day she assumed to have died. Now I managed to stop myself from looking at the current on-goings to this case until myself and my partner finished the whole 10 episode series. There’s a lot of speculation about the series, that there was vital evidence and footage missed out of the entire documentary. For me, there’s enough in what I saw that makes me think Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey (his nephew, who’d also been an accomplice to the murder) are both innocent OR at least deserve a fair trial, with Manitowoc police department having no involvement with its process whatsoever. There are so many dodgy aspects of the case that remain unclear or uncertain.

For example, the jury that made up Steven Avery’s case was made up of three individuals who all had relations or friendships with members of the Manitowoc police department. WTF?! Even worse, after hearing the whole of the trail, a show of hands revealed that at the beginning of the jury debate, 7 people thought Steven Avery not guilty, 2 were undecided and 3 found him guilty. Avery’s attorney’s later suspected that something happened during the 4 day deliberations, in that some of the jury members said they had feared for their lives by members of the community. Have a look here at some of the theories that the audiences have made up,

If you’ve not watched this series yet, WATCH IT! It is absolutely incredible how corrupted it is. Let’s hope that with enough people raging about it, something is done to initiate a new, fair trial where evidence is re-evaluated and the jury and judge aren’t biased. If you have watched it, let me know your opinions on the cases!

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