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So I’ve been blogging daily now since September and I’ve managed to helpfully pick up some tools of the trade. Before though, I was having to write a blog every night, schedule it and upload it. I would then have to use social media daily to promote the blog post and this would take up so much of my time. However, I now have the know how of scheduling posts in advance and promoting them across the board, days in advance!


A newly found tool, this website allows my Twitter to automatically send out a thank you for following tweet. I think it’s so important to let your followers know that they are appreciated but I couldn’t constantly keep up with new followers. Fortunately now, I don’t have this worry and instead sit back and appreciate my Twitter working on it’s own!

Example of my automatic tweet,

HEY! Kaysha, thanks for the follow! Make sure you check out my blog

Not only am I doing this, but in turn, I’m promoting my own blog. It’s a win win situation!


This app has been a lifesaver for me. It’s connected to my Facebook and Twitter, so that I can schedule my blog posts both on here. I can also add all the relevant hashtags and set the time and date I want the post going up. Unfortunately, I am restricted to just 10 posts at one time but if my blog started making enough income to justify paying for full membership, I will definitely do this in the future.

Google Analytics

Google has a branch of tools that you can use to analyse your blog’s productivity. Google Analytics is the best because it shows you so much information about how many users are reading your blog (with an option of real-time viewing) and with that you get a percentage of new users and returning users. There’s also mountains of information about the user’s demographic, interests and location! A fantastic tool that will hopefully help me to begin to find out what works best for my blog.

CoSchedule Calender

This has been a great way of separating all my blog and social media posts to my daily working life. If I added all the information I usually put in these calendars into my diary, my mind would just explode. These is a godsend, again to use it online, you have a trail but then have to pay after. Again, if my blog turned into an income, then I’d definitely consider subscribing!

There are so many other different tools you can use, but these are my bread and butter when it comes to fitting a difficult blog schedule around my daily life! If you’re a blogger, what do you use?

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