You Have Not A Leg To Stand On & Safe Haven

Hitting you up with two book reviews this week. Don’t worry I’m keeping a log of how many books I’m reading as I do have that 50 books in a year resolution that I have to stick by!

You Have Not A Leg To Stand On by D.D. Mayers

This one was sent to me to review, giving my own honest opinion. A book that I would not normally be eager to read, this was a interesting life story of a man who grew up in a beautiful Kenyan paradise, found love, found adventure but was dealt the life altering hand that left him paralysed from the waist down. Describing his life, being witty and amusing there was something relatable about his life story. I think it was because during his earlier life, he became a professional actor and therefore lived through the struggle of having no money and that his career was never certain.

The experiences and places he’s travelled have certainly been impressive ones. Travelling from Nairobi to London in a small Toyota Estate with his wife, chaperone and a small amount of money. They travelled through the Middle East, visiting places that were once peaceful but are now warzones or don’t even exist now. My overall opinion of this book is that he doesn’t let his disability define his life, now that he’s probably well into his 70s. Instead he invites us to understand what life used to like during his childhood, his adulthood and his views on today’s world now. A book I would recommend for any of those who enjoy reading about other people’s lives. You can find his tumblr here. The book is available on Amazon here.

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

If you’re a fan of soppy romantic novels or films then Nicholas Sparks is an author you’ll definitely want to look for the next time you’re in a bookstore or library. I now have three more of his novels including Dear John and The Longest Ride.

Quite a few of his novels have now been made into films and I’m very much looking forward to watching them when I get the chance. Safe Haven follows a young woman, held captive in her own home by her abusive husband. We learn that she attempted to run away twice before being caught by her husband, a detective in the local police department. After months of secretly saving and planning, she manages to escape and make a fresh start in a new town with a new name and life. It’s a typical romantic story of her finding love again but with a guy who lost his wife and has been left to struggle with two kids. Nicholas Sparks has this great ability to grip you from the first chapter until the very end. I’d be very interested to see the movie, however the impression I get from the trailer is that they have typically glamourised and made it a ‘Hollywood’ movie. However, this ain’t gonna stop me from watching it and getting all emotional!

Two books that I would certainly recommend for different readers and genres. You can buy Safe Haven on dvd here, or the book here. Otherwise, head to your local library as there’s a high possibility, it will be there too!

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