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I’ve begun reading other people’s blogs more often not only out of interest but to see ways of improving my blog. I’ve recently, if you’re a regular reader, have changed my blog template again using the company Pipdig. If anyone has a blog or is thinking of starting a blog then I would definitely recommend getting a professional blog template. These templates are super professional and are beneficial if you’re wanting to attract brand or new readers to your blog. Yes, they are a little pricey but when if you want to invest into your blog, this is the best way of starting it off with a bang!

Anyway, back to bloggers. I have been reading blog posts made by other bloggers, so I thought I would share with you some of the ones I’ve been reading recently (in no particular order).

Hannah Hearts

I love her blog posts on make-up, the quality of the pictures always makes me squeal with joy. I’m an individual who doesn’t yet earn enough money to be able to afford the finer things in life like premium brand make-up. However, it is nice to read reviews on these make-up brands in the hope of me buying more one day. That doesn’t mean she focuses all her blog posts on premium brands, she looks at high street make-up too, as well as make-up for different skin tones.

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Velvetgh0st aka Gabriella

I have loved Gabby’s videos and blogs ever since she appeared alongside Zoella. I love her personality which is very much like mine. I definitely feel we’d get on like a house on fire because both her and I have quirky personalities. Her blogs on make-up looks are awesome and I especially love the themed ones she does like Pretty Little Liars and her recent Halloween themed video/blog.

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Zoella is an obvious choice unless you’ve been living under a blogger rock all your life and have never heard of her. She obviously has the time and money to put lots of work into her blog. She gets all the brand products to review and I can only envy and wish that my life could be like hers one day. Again I love her blog website as it’s sophisticated and very much has Zoella’s personality injected into it. It’s very similar to a Pipdig design but I think it’s a unique creation.

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In The Frow 

Victoria’s blog is everything that I aspire in a blog website. Classy, sophisticated and modern. I love Victoria’s blog posts especially ones where she goes travelling to all these beautiful locations with different brands. She’s very much a Beauty and Fashion blogger and I’ve been loving her recent Fashion blogs where she’s travelled to Paris, to experience her first Couture Week show. So jealous!

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Mr and Mrs T Plus Three

Mummy Blogger! I’ve been reading Amy’s blog posts for a while now and I really love the blog posts she writes about improving your blog and making it better. I also love bloggers that document their children’s lives too. I think it’s so important to remember all the little moments in your child’s life as they are growing up because one day they’ll be flying the nest and going on the live their lives. I say this as though I have a child myself which I don’t but definitely vloggers and bloggers that share their memories of their children online is something I’m certainly going to do!

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Abigail Lucy

Girl Met Love is one of my friend’s blog’s so of course it’s got to be up here. Her blog posts are very motivational and whenever I need a little pick me up to motivate myself, I read her blogs. I only wish she would write more blogs though because she’s a great writer and would be fantastic with make-up and clothing hauls.

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Make sure you check out all these bloggers, who are your favourites?

Natalie-Ann x

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