Funny Fridays!

First Funny Friday to get you through the shortest month of the year!

1. When you fart but it’s a stinker, so there’s no way you’re admitting to it.

2. Watching someone hurt themselves, you feel half sorry for them but you also want to laugh your socks off.

3. Picking up something you thought was one thing, but was actually something hideous.

4. When someone you don’t like says something funny.

5. When you’re late to an event, class or meeting.

6. That moment you drop your phone face down on the floor.

7. When you can’t find your phone or purse in your bag.

8. When you attempt to try on skinny jeans for the first time.

9. When you’ve been playing the same level of a game for the past hour and you finally win.

10. When go to leave the dancefloor to pee but YOUR song comes on.

Have a great weekend!

Natalie-Ann x

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