Rome – The Pantheon

The Pantheon. It’s pretty majestic and stands tall amongst the crowds of people who are spilling in and out of it. Makes me think of a panther everytime I see or say the name of it. Yep I know, weird.

Outside of the pantheon

Here’s the second post in a series, of mine and Sam’s recent trip to Rome. If you haven’t read the one about The Colosseum – check it out here.

The Pantheon was one that we visited on our second day. We were helpfully given a break down by our B&B owner, of all the places that were a must-see. If you want to see where we stayed then check out Windows on Rome. It’s a cheap as chips but great quality accommodation for those on a budget or who just want to save money!

But back to this beast of a structure. The Pantheon sits at 43m (WHAATTT?!) and is a former Roman temple that’s now a church. I mean, this beats the local one back in my hometown of Werrington for sure!

I have to admit, that the Romans were incredible craftsmen and to be able to build such impressive and well-detailed buildings – well it certainly puts our boring architecture to shame.

Inside of the pantheon

Pantheon ceiling

As you enter the Pantheon, you immediately find yourself looking up. This massive dome-shaped ceiling just seems to draw you in. It has a gigantic hole in the middle where light pours in, to illuminate the space. Also kind of makes me think of an alien spaceship about to beam me up.

Now I’m definitely not a spiritual person. I don’t believe in any God but I can certainly respect the commitment and passion that religious people have. I could see alot of the tourists around me who were sat on pews praying and it felt kind of powerful. How amazing must it feel for someone who connects spiritually, to be in such a place like this?!

Pantheon Decor

A Pantheon Statue

The decor and detailing of the interior is just so hypnotic that you just want to gaze in awe of it for hours. I found myself at times, reminding myself that this was living for me and that I needed to enjoy this moment – and I blatantly was. However, I just couldn’t get over the sheer scale and historic values that this building had and it was certainly like that for the rest of Rome’s monuments.

What do you think of The Pantheon? Let me know in the comments below.