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Healthy eating. We all want to do it but it’s always so expensive to buy salads and vegetables that will go off within days. Whenever I eat healthily, I feel so much more awake and I think that I perform better during work and going to the gym. I confess that I haven’t been to the gym in over a week and as I’m writing this, later on I’ll be going to the gym for the first time in forever.

I’m currently eating a SKYR yogurt and it tastes absolutely delicious. It’s thick and creamy and is mixed with honey, just enough so it’s got a sweet kick to it. Today I started it off with a bowl of Special K, I had on Warburton’s Thins; avocado, asparagus and seasoned poach eggs. I’ve had an apple and some yogurt and tonight we’ll be eating fajitas as a treat.

A healthy regime of eating is surely going to be the answer to toning up my body. I failed at the 30 day ab challenge, however I’m not one to simply give up, so I started it again yesterday! My end goal is to get toned up and totally super fit for the 10 year Curtain Call reunion in May.

I can do this…..

Myself and Sam are also going to cut out as much carbs possible (mainly pasta) and instead will be eating lots of brown rice with meat or fish. I’ve even got a couple of projects coming up that will allow me to try out detoxing, especially with coffee and alcohol. Coffee and fizzy drinks are my downfall and it’s something that may take a while to cut down on, however it takes time and I’m more than prepared to eat and drink more healthily!

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