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Myself and my housemate Sean recently discussed, whilst at our latest session at the gym, that we’d only been to the gym four times since the New Year. I want to say I’ve been a couple more times but it’s definitely less than ten. When you think about the cost of gym membership a month I’ve spent £50 on four sessions. What a waste of money. So I’ve certainly made it a personal mission to make sure I’m going to the gym either two or three times a week. It’s perfectly doable but it’s getting the motivation to go either after work or making the 20 minute walk to where my gym is.

I really enjoy lifting weights and I honestly feel like it’s the best form of exercise for me, both physically and mentally. It works the muscles that I never thought existed and it helps me with my core strength and also the dreaded abs. Grasp Fit sent me their own liquid chalk a few weeks ago and I wanted to try this out whilst at the gym with my housemate. Sean has been going to the gym since he was a teenager, so he’s very much built like a house. He can lift A LOT! So, led by Sean, we decided to do back day.

We definitely got a few odd looks during our workout, mainly because I was using my bulky camera to take lots of photos at various angles. I was trying my best to avoid people appearing in the photo, as I know I wouldn’t like someone snapping me, midway through an intense workout! The Grasp Liquid Chalk comes in three colours and these are bright neon pink, green and blue. I was sent the blue one to try out on this occasion.

Now as far as I can remember, I have never used chalk, OR liquid chalk for that matter. I think Sean probably would have used chalk at some point during his sessions at the gym, but I’ve never seen him use it when he’s been with me.

Here’s myself and Sean working out on a machine before using the chalk. Me trying my very best to look composed and in control in the above picture (note the developing redness in my cheeks!). We focused on a lot of the machines that would provide us with #ultimatebackgoals #hatersgonnahate.

Moving swiftly onto the liquid chalk. The chalk is a thin liquid that is made up of Magnesium Carbonate, Alcohol, Thickener, Scent and Colour. Chalk and liquid chalk (for those of you who don’t know a dickybird about it), is used to draw out the moisture in your hands, improving grip and reducing sweat. So what’s the difference between powdered chalk and liquid chalk? Well, liquid chalk lasts longer during a session since it ‘adheres better to the hand‘. This means you don’t have to keep re-chalking your hands over and over again. What we noted was that it took some effort trying to get it off. You think you’ve got it off and then your skin dries and you’ll find patches of it still on your hands. This is a pain yes, but at least you know it’s strong enough to suck out the moisture and provide you with a more beneficial session.

Traditional chalk tends to ‘puff‘ into the air which has led to a ban in most indoor places and liquid chalk obviously doesn’t do this. You’ve got the added luxury of having the liquid chalk in a bottle, whereas traditional chalk would be prone to leakage in your gym bags. Also liquid chalk can just be spread on the lifting part of your hands, rather than the outside. This prevents skin problems from regular use of traditional chalk. Here are some before and after pictures of the chalk. I feel that the more you add, the brighter the colour as I was a little disappointed by the lack of colour that developed. However, who wants to be walking round with bright neon blue hands anyway? *well I do.

After it developed and dried completely we tested this out on the weights. Now Sean found the chalk to be much better than any other chalk he’s used previously. He said that it’s not going to affect your forearm’s fatigue, but it does provide you with more grip and the mentality to be able to lift more than usual. I completely agree with the ability to lift more. When I’m lifting weights, I find that I give up most of them time because my hands slip because of the lack of grip. With the extra grip the chalk provides, I could lift my weights easily and would probably have been able to increase the weight I was lifting.

We were in the gym for around an hour and half to two hours and Sean’s chalk lasted the remainder of the session. We tried the chalk along with the wrist straps that Sean had and Sean said he much preferred using the chalk to the straps.

And for vain purposes, here’s the progress on my back/shoulders.

Overall, the liquid chalk as a first time user was very successful. I thought that I’d give it to Sean to use for future gym session but we both agreed that this will become a thing we both use when we go the gym together again. Thanks GraspFit for the liquid chalk and you can buy this from their website for £13.00 each or £36.00 for a pack of three.

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