8 Makeover Transformations For Your Kitchen

I’ve been slightly inactive over the past couple of days due to working away from London at a show. It was super exhausting so I gave myself a little rest of blog writing else I would have definitely burnt both sides of the candle! I’d like to introduce Jackelyn Wilson, a mummy blogger covering home decor, travelling, health and fashion. I will include her social media down below, so be sure to check her out!

Kitchen is one of the main areas of your abode. Most of the people find cooking to be harmonious and rejuvenating for them, some prefer to end their day with a warm cup of coffee. There are many kitchen makeover ideas that are given by the professionals, but there are also some, which can be customized. Traditional kitchens have given way to contemporary ones. The functionality of the kitchen has increased over the ages and the kitchen has become a mode for smart cooking. The modern kitchens are made by adopting maximum space optimization, with ample lighting and light shades and draperies, which can work the best to enhance the aesthetic elegance of a home. 

The top 8 kitchen makeovers ideas  

1. For redoing the counters you can spend as much as you can afford. There is no need to go overboard and make your kitchen look good. Most of the kitchen designs can be based revolving around the countertops. Countertops made of marble or granite, are the best to enhance the overall appeal of your kitchen. 

2. Marble and other natural stones require a lot of maintenance which adds on to the cost. On the contrary, Quartz is more suited to all kinds of budget. This is very durable. This is a long lasting investment in the kitchen for sure. This also comes in a variety of colors and designs that suit any kind of look that you want.

3. Laminates are also a great option if you are looking at a kitchen makeover for the countertops. Precut counter tops are also available in the market nowadays. When you choose laminated countertops, this not only helps you to continue with your kitchen works faster, but these are also easy to clean and maintain, and you can customize them in any colors.

4. The next makeover can happen with the kitchen cabinets. You can get a simple and a quick kitchen makeover by just removing the face of the kitchen cabinets. If you are resurfacing your kitchen cabinets just make sure that there are no warps or sagging in the shelves.  Water damage or exposure to the mold should also be checked. 

5. Sinks – these are another important component in the kitchen. Most of the designers recommended going for an under mount kitchen. The size of the sink should always be determined by the size of the kitchen. At the same time, you can experiment with ceramic or steel sinks, depending on your precise needs.

6. Kitchen splashbacks are the main attraction of any cooking space. This is one spot where you can create a hue of colors and patterns. Shine, gloss etc. can be immersed in the backsplash creating a lovely look. 

7. Flooring is the next step in the kitchen makeover is the redoing of the floors. Kitchens are subject to constant spills, stain and marks. Hence, it is preferable to have floors that can stand all this and much more. The flooring mostly is tiles and these are meant to be durable. Porcelain tiling is a preferred option these days as these are easy to maintain and give off an integrated look to kitchen.

8. The chimney plays an integral part in the kitchen. There are numerous options and color choices for built in chimneys these days. You can opt for a conventional one if your kitchen is traditional, or can move over to a closed one with built in exhaust that is good looking and at the same time is very functional also. 

Many kitchens, if spacious, can accommodate a service counter. These look pleasing to the eye and at the same time can be used for serving breakfast and other quick snacks. Granites, marbles, porcelain, quartz etc. can also be used for this purpose. This gives a nice feel to the kitchen.

These designs are gorgeous and thanks Jackelyn for explaining them in such detail. I can only dream of owning a kitchen like one of these one day! Make sure you check out Jackelyn’s social media down below and comment on this blog telling us which design is your favourite!

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