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You hear about random acts of kindness throughout the world and we grow up learning to respect and be kind to those around us (well most of us do). It always makes me happy to hear positive stories on the internet or on the news about strangers helping those in need.I think we need these little nuggets of positivity in our current world full of violence, corruption and general negativity!

Meet Katy Louise Dawson. She’s my mum’s 2nd cousin (1st cousin through marriage, ain’t that confusing), however she’s practically family. We spent many years visiting the family. mainly around 5th November to celebrate Bonfire Night and spend some quality time with each other as a family. We also attended Katy’s wedding when she got married to her partner Paul, 6 years ago. Katy has two beautiful children, Aurelia whose 4 years old (pictured above) and Evan who’s only 6 weeks old.

To us and many others who look at her and their family, they’ve got everything they need. However a few days ago we were told something that was life-changing. Whilst pregnant with Evan, Katy found a lump in her left breast, thinking it was probably nothing and down to  the pregnancy. She went to her GP, who referred her to a local breast clinic. Here she had mammograms and ultrasound scans that showed thickened breast tissue and an enlarged lymph node in her armpit. It was confirmed as breast cancer.

I’m sure we’re all used to that word by now. I would be surprised if I spoke to someone and they told me they’d never had anyone in their family or friends who’ve had cancer. There’s plenty of research and fundraising in place to beat the horrible disease, however it’s still very much prominent in our world today. 

Katy was one of the first people that ever saw me sing for the first time. She was part of that intimate group who told me to continue with my singing and that moment was so significant because it made me believe I could be a performer. To find out that this beautiful, kind and loving woman has cancer breaks my heart. I knew from the moment I read about it in full on her GoFundMe page, I wanted to help in every possible way I can.

The type of breast cancer she has only occurs in around 15% of women diagnosed as is classed as triple negative with four being the worst. It usually affects younger women and it’s aggressive. She cannot benefit from targeted medications after active treatment which reduce the risk of a re-occurrence. There are currently no wonder drugs available for this triple negative cancer. Katy underwent surgery whilst pregnant at 35 weeks and what a brave woman she was to have that. Both baby and Katy came out of surgery ok but pathology results told them how aggressive the cancer was. She has two large tumors and the cancer has spread to four of her lymph nodes meaning it’s trying to get out and spread around her body, into her vital organs.

Once this happens. There is no cure.

Katy has tirelessly researched and found new innovative treatments that are only available outside of the UK. Therefore I am making a plea to all those that read my blogs regularly, or if you’ve happened to stumble just on this one blog. Katy means the world to me, like many others that have her in their lives. She needs to raise £50,000+ to be able to travel to Germany for the available treatment that could provide amazing results. Obviously no one can afford this amount of money quickly and Katy can’t afford to wait any longer.

Please, if you’re a stranger, do something incredible today. Donate as little or as much as you can. If you can’t donate, share it on Twitter or on Facebook. Pay it forward and help this young woman live a fulfilling and cancer-free life with her family. She’s only 36 years old. She has so much to live for.

You can make donations here. on her GoFundMe page. She’s also going to be setting a Facebook page up where you can keep updated with her progress. I’ll be updating the blog post with this link soon.

Thank you so much.

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