Zara Taylor Jewellery

It’s handmade jewellery that’s been worn by the likes of Fearne Cotton, Taylor Swift, Kelly Rowland and Millie Mackintosh. I had the great opportunity to attend a private viewing of Zara Taylor‘s new vintage inspired collection. Based in East Dulwich, Zara’s shop is tucked away and for many, wouldn’t be found unless stumbled upon. It’s a treasure trove of pieces that encapsulate Zara’s personality and her love of vintage finds.

 Zara tells me that she struggles to stick to one theme when creating jewellery and I feel this is one of the many unique selling points to her brand. By having such a versatile range, every person who goes onto her website will struggle to find something they don’t like. Her new collection, covers remodels of her older designs and seems to be following the fashion trends of today. There’s hints of rose gold, crystals and marine blue tones running through a lot of the pieces. She’s even begun showcasing her own range of chokers, which is another fashion trend from the 70s and 90s that seems to be repeating itself.

Part of the new collection, an agate turquoise necklace.

Zara tells us that most of her vintage pieces are found through markets and other valuable contacts that unless were found, would just remain in a big warehouse! These items which are like heirlooms, become not just part of the jewellery but sometimes are the centre piece. Zara’s main source of custom is obviously through her online store, however to actually go into the shop is like stepping back in time. She’s carefully picked everything out from the wallpaper, to the style of cupboards to make the customer feel as though they ‘are stepping into someone’s living room‘. I think by doing this, it really compliments the jewellery she sells.

 I love the stylised positions she lays out her jewellery in. You can feel the passion behind it and the care she’s taken to really show off her pieces. I’m in love with this picture frame with the jewellery hanging inside and it’s an interior design element that I’d just love to have in my own home.

 Items such as the compass style necklace below, have been worn by celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Zara holds a plethora of A-Listers as lovers of her brand. 

I sent jewellery out to Fearne Cotton and all of sudden she was wearing these pieces every day. She even had them on for photoshoots’

Items from the new collection, Double Bar Bangle Bracelet, Vintage Turquoise & Crystal Bracelet and Aqua Blue Jewel Earrings.

 For the crazy amount of celebrities and bloggers who buy from this brand, it’s surprising that the products are so good value for money. Prices range from as little as £3.25 to the most expensive being just £50. It’s a bargain for such beautiful handmade jewellery. They’re great little trinkets for birthdays and gifts to give to friends and family. I’ll be asking for a giftcard for this brand on my birthday in November for sure! You can find all her new designs here.

Be sure to look out for another blog next week to see what I received in Zara’s goodie bag! I’ve already worn most of the items I’ve been given…

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