Gravitate Update

So it’s just over halfway into my Gravitate plan and there’s certainly been both a visual difference and a healthier feeling all round. Gravitate has probably been the one brand I’ve really stuck out and tested out alongside a good workout schedule. I wanted to bring out a few pointers that I’ve noticed with the plan.

Definition is one of the changes I’ve noticed when it’s come to following the plan. I’ve noticed more sculpting of the top section of my tummy, which I want to say is the beginnings of ABS! Yes, give me a round of applause. I’m actually making some progress finally and there’s nothing better than feeling the Ab burn, which brings me onto my next point…

Taking more classes and going the gym more often has also boosted my cardio as I’ve been hitting the treadmill more but I’ve also been taking more classes as PureGym. It’s great that the gym offers free classes as part of the membership and I’ve been stupid not to take them up sooner. They provide me with the motivation to actually get to the gym and then to really push myself. It’s difficult to not exercise when they’re shouting to not stop!

Feeling fuller has probably come from taking the Supersculpt as I’ve found when I’ve been on it, it’s made me limit my portion sizes and most importantly, I’ve stopped snacking.

I’m hoping that with the combined efforts of gym classes and taking the rest of the Supersculpt over the next few weeks, I’ll see more progress.

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