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Jacqueline Wilson does it again! I’ve not read a single book by her that’s been average or that I’ve been mildly disappointed in.  Her character creations express volumes of creativity that could only come from Wilson’s own mind. You can’t help as a reader, wishing you were a teenager again! I’ve always been a big fan of Wilson and she’s always presented her books in bold and daring colours. So saying this, I have had quite a few odd stares off people wondering why I’m reading such a ‘young/teen novel‘. Part of me wants to not be embarrassed and say ‘Hey, there’s nothing wrong with me reading books like this one, even if they do have pictures in them…‘ But I also want to point out that I’m actually reviewing it for my blog, so there! Take that boring commuters.

Katy is inspired by a previous author named Susan Coolidge back in 1872. Wilson took the same sort of premise and character as the original but thrust it forward into modern day society, showing how Katy overcomes her disability. Katy is one of six siblings, all of them younger than her. She’s therefore the leader of the pack and creates all the games they play together. They have weekly visit to their ‘secret garden‘ (which is actually their neighbor’s next door) and cause all sort of chaos. Katy is a very ballsy character and is very much older beyond her years. The story is centered around the family throughout the book and even thought it’s a horrific situation, they come out the other side better than before. 

I don’t want to spoil the story because I want you to read it for yourself! The book is available in hardcover for £9.99 on Amazon and is also available in paperback(£3.49) and a kindle addition (£3.99). Click here, to buy yours today!

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