Sorbet Salons – Knock Your Tox Off!

Last Friday night, myself, my partner Sam and my housemate Sean all ventured up the high street towards the gym for an hour long gym class. It’s probably one of my favourites classes because it’s a weighted workout for the whole body. Suffice to say, we all hit the session hard and ended up feeling pretty sore in the morning. Thank the lord I was booked in to have a ‘Knock Your Tox Off‘ massage that used detoxifying oils and was an all over body experience. YESSSSSSSSSS!

Sorbet Salons have two branches in London, one in Muswell Hill which is the one I went to and the other in Crouch End. It’s a shame that they were limited to the space that they occupied and you definitely felt this when walking through the salon to the treatment rooms. I obviously can’t vouch that the branch in Crouch End is just as small but unfortunately London, I’m sure, is a whole different ball game when it comes to owning a commercial property. The salon was well lit, with long windows at the front and as soon as I stepped inside, it was a welcome treat to escape the hustle and bustle of Saturday shoppers on the high street. Oh and did I mention that Sorbet Salons also has a branch of stores in….wait for it…..South Africa. I mean, if they want me to review a treatment there, I would happily go!

My massage therapist was called Bianca and immediately made aware that she was to be my therapist and helped me with all the necessary paperwork before the treatment. After being brought into the treatment room, I could already feel my muscles beginning to relax. However, I’ve found that there’s always two awkward points in a massage which isn’t caused by anyone in particular. The first is getting undressed, waiting under the towels and sheepishly responding to the therapists query of whether you are ready. I’ll never forget the best treatment I had to avoid this was a bell. All I had to do was ring it and then the therapist would enter the room. Clever!

The other awkward moment is when you have to gracefully shift yourself over onto your front and I NEVER DO THIS GRACEFULLY. I always tend to stall when I overthink which way I’m turning and then my mass of hair tends to go all over the place. Bianca thankfully provided my mane of hair with a hair net. Good decision! 

The massage itself used a combination of oils that seemed to warm upon contact with the skin. I could definitely smell tea tree oil in the mix which is a favourite of mine. Bianca made sure that I was comfortable with the amount of pressure that was being applied. Although I was at some points wincing from the sore muscles, it definitely helped in the end to ease the muscle tension and she also got rid of any knots I had on my back.

This treatment in particular is one of the most expensive at £55, which for a massage isn’t overly expensive whatsoever. I would certainly recommend this if you love treating yourself and of course if you live in London…or South Africa! Also make sure you check out their range of treatments here.

Disclaimer – I was gifted this treatment in return for my own honest opinion.

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