Filming for my Showreel.

I’ve been wanting to get my showreel filmed ever since I moved to London. However you find you’re time is so limited when you’re working to earn a living and to just survive in London. I am happy that I waited though as I’ve always been a person who wants to do something their self. Call me proud or stupid but I like doing things on my own and filming my showreel was one of them. I’ve made enough friends thus far in my career as an actress to be fortunate to know the right people.

I’ve always been interested in writing and wrote a lot of short stories when I was younger. This made it a lot easier when writing the scenes for my showreel. I created five in total and thus far I’ve filmed one! It was a great experience filming with friends and just acting in front of the camera. I know now that I want to get into television and film and I always enjoy the opportunity when it arises whether it be unpaid or paid. Paid is better obviously but for now I’m happy with either.

Make sure you watch this space. Hopefully one day I’ll end up on you’re television screens!

Natalie-Ann x

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