Why Jealousy Can Be A Good Thing?


We all experience it in our lifetime, whether we dish it out or get it from others. It’s a part of us it’s natural. It’s an emotion that we cannot help but feel in certain scenarios or situations. Think back to a time when you felt jealous. Perhaps someone you know was able to splurge on something expensive that you’ve always wanted? Or maybe someone had got a fantastic new job and they were bragging about it all over Face Ache?

On the other hand, when was the last time you experienced jealousy? Sometimes it’s obvious when someone is jealous towards you but on other occasions jealousy leads to bitchiness which leads to you finding out from someone else. Jealousy I admit is one of the more negative feelings. That negative jealousy that we experience is something that really doesn’t look good on anyone. But what about good jealousy? Does anyone talk about that?

As human beings, we tend to by default, strip away positive aspects of a life goal, achievement or award and instead we critique ourselves. We must work harder, perform better, be something more than what we currently are. I don’t know about you but I tend to do this fairly frequently. I would secure acting roles for numerous projects but after it’s completed, I’d always feel slightly dejected and think to myself – is this all I’m good enough for?

But what if, we could turn this typically negative feeling of jealousy, into a positive force that drives us to do better?

Your Workplace

No matter the environment of your workplace, whether it’s online, in an office, warehouse, shop etc, there’s always going to be someone who to you, is in a better job. Or if you are one of the lucky few who has the perfect job, then well done! And I don’t mean that sarcastically or in a…ironic…jealous way. Getting a job that you love is tough work and you’ll only get there if you are determined and motivated enough to get it. So many people are working just for the paycheck, just for that pension pot at the end of a loooooonnnngggg rainbow where retirement waves to you excitedly. Work is a major part of our life, yet so many people want to waste it away on a job they are competent with. I see so many people in different jobs that are truly happy with their situation. Therefore, I use this jealous feeling to work harder on my blog because I love to write. Writing is what keeps my mind creatively active, so use those negative thoughts to push through your own ambitions and dreams.

Your Competition

This leads pretty nicely into your competition. Competition is everywhere and there’s always this constant pressure to do better and to outsmart and outmove your competition by doing something different. Jealousy certainly plays an active role in this, but is it all so bad? The answer is no because by being jealous of your competition, it makes you as a person, brand or company, work harder to either be on par or excel further than your competition. If you spend your entire time thinking jealous thoughts about your competitors, you’ll never progress.

Your Friends/Family

Yes everyone except for you seems to be going somewhere, everyone is getting a new house, a new job, getting engaged, getting married, having kids and having AMAZING EXPERIENCES THAT YOU WISH YOU COULD DO. Stop. Just because they are all doing it now, doesn’t mean you have to do it. Again, there seems to be this pressure that comes with seeing friends and family moving forward at different variations that makes us terrified that we should be doing the same. Everyone is different and everyone’s time to do something significant is justified and at the right moment for them. I hate this kind of jealousy because you often feel like such a bad person for thinking these thoughts about your own flesh and blood, your friends that you’ve been through so much with. But it’s ok because if you want those experiences, you’ll end up having them in your own time. The worst thing you can do is do things because others are telling you to do them. It ends up with you feeling regret. BAD ENERGY PEOPLE!

Your Wellbeing

Being jealous can be both a positive and negative feeling. I think I’ve sort of clarified that as best as I think I can in this blog post. However, most importantly, it’s your health and wellbeing that matter mostly and if you spend all your time being a negative nancy then you’ll end up doing more harm to yourself than to anyone else. Jealousy used negatively can lose friendships, partners, family members, jobs, lifestyles and much more. But being jealous in a good way can build relationships, enable you to reach career goals and personal ambitions and more importantly, it makes you happier.

So try it out. Next time you’re feeling jealous, stop and find a way of turning that negative feeling into a positive one! Tell me in the comments below how it goes!

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