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Blogging has changed rapidly over the past couple of years. Ever since the likes of Zoella and PewdiePie have dominated the digital world, blogging and vlogging have fast become a major competitor in selling and marketing. With millions of subscribers growing every day and brands desperate to work with them and other influencers, reading blogs and watching vloggers, has certainly changed the way we receive news, discover the latest products and how we as influencers can actually generate a lot of custom for companies.

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It’s now been nearly four years since I started my blog (which I created just after leaving university) and that time has very much flown by. Blogging for me has now turned into a monthly income that I’m very happy to say is rising each month. Hard work and determination is essential to blogging. It’s a full-time job, that takes so much commitment and time, which tends to be difficult to explain to non-bloggers. It is a very saturated market but those who are truly serious to create a career from it are successful. 

So what do I expect to happen for blogging in the future? Well I thought I’d throw out a bit of wisdom – and hey I’m no digital/blog expert – but it would be nice to hear what you guys think will happen to the blogging world! 


It started out as bloggers with millions of followers, that would get all the big opportunities and big brand work. However, I feel there’s been a slight shift in the industry, where many companies and PR companies are not only looking at the big ones but also those that are referred to as the ‘micro-blogger‘. This is a blogger who normally has less than 100,000 followers on any one social channel and it tends to be that they have a better rate of engagement and specific target audience than those that are reaching larger numbers. I think micro-bloggers will continue to make a big contribution to the market and it also gives more opportunities to those with a smaller influence. 

Engagement Vs Reach

Following on from the micro-blogger, I think those who are looking to work with bloggers are now looking more at their engagement and how well they’re readers are engaging with the blog posts themselves. Reach is definitely important because it’s telling us, how influential you are as a blogger. However, without solid engagement from readers, I feel as though some bloggers will struggle to get paid work as companies learn and progress more about using bloggers in their campaigns.


I think YouTube will continue to be the top dog within the blogging/vlogging industry. I much prefer watching videos than reading and I think this is similar to a lot of people who enjoy engaging in social media. 

There has also been more tightening on disclaiming collaborations and acknowledging when bloggers and vloggers are working with brands and this has definitely been taken on board with a lot of vloggers who are now #ad on video where they have paid by a company.


I think one of the biggest struggles for the blogging industry is being accepted. Unfortunately, times change and brand/companies have to change with the times if they want to continue successfully within the market. A lot of magazines and PR companies did have a lot of animosity for social media personalities and to be honest, it threatens their own way of making money. However, people will always want physical copies of magazines and they’ll always read online newspapers. I definitely think bloggers have their own platform which is different to traditional media outlets and that should be celebrated rather than seen as a problem.

Will blogging still exist in 10 years time?

Honestly, I have no clue. Social media changes on a daily basis, that consumers may turn around and find bloggers and vloggers no longer interesting. I do think though that these social media personalities (including myself and those that aren’t ‘famous’) are here to stay and whether this is their time for the next year or for the next ten, I’m happy to call myself a blogger and a published writer.

*Disclaimer – This is a collaboration with Innovation Company‘s study on what bloggers see as the future of blogging. All words are of course my own!

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