6 Ways To Deal With Negativity

Negativity. It comes in various forms and it’s unfortunately a bit of a party pooper in life. I think negativity is sometimes needed though. I mean a world where every action, reaction and feeling is positive sounds good but sometimes negativity ends up moulding you into a better person. Either way, balance is what’s needed so when you find yourself thinking negatively, these 10 ways to combat it will hopefully help! 

heart made out of hands

1. Think about your positives. Positive Mental Attitude. 

When I always experience negativity, it’s great to think about the positives. You instantly get that little lift where you feel life isn’t all that bad and when you feel that, it can make a big, BIG difference to your overall mood right there in that moment.

2. Do something that will make you happy.

Make a promise to yourself to do something that will turn those negative thoughts into positive ones. Anything that normally makes you happy, whether that’s going for a cocktail or five, exercising, reading, binge watching Netflix. I mean, you get my drift right?

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3. Talk it out.

So many of us keep our emotions bottled up and certain negative situations can end up making us feel pretty crappy. I’ve always found venting to a loved one or friend is a good way of tackling the issue at hand whether that because of a person, a situation you’ve just been in or even with yourself. We’re always our own worst enemies.

4. Pamper yourself.

I certainly need to do this more often and I have been doing recently. Pampering yourself should be a personal thing that you give to your body. This can be anything from a massage to an eyebrow wax. A bit of self-care goes a long way and if it’s a little painful? Nothing like a few curse words to let those negative feelings go!

Man alone

5. Complain.

Nobody likes a Moaning Myrtle 24/7 but sometimes you just got to complain about your feelings, if something is making you feel like crap then moan and whinge till you can’t no more. It’s like when I’m ill, there’s nothing I like more than feeling sorry for myself and getting Nurse Sam to fetch me all the junk food and all the cups of tea. Makes me feel better instantly!

6. Have some alone time.

Sometimes it’s great to just have some alone time to recollect your thoughts. If it’s a negative atmosphere or situation you are in, take yourself out of it, take a breath and then go back in. If it’s a person, then question whether this is just a one off or a constant issue. If it’s constant, then just keeping your distance from them can help.

How do you deal with negativity? Let me know in the comments below!

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