Eye Stencil Makeup Kit

I’ve never been one for precision so when it comes to drawing lines on my face, my shaky hands have never been able to really perfect the cat eyeliner or eyeliner in general. I got these late last year from Wowcher as they were just 99p! You can actually get them on Ebay as well or from their website.

Two eye stencil kits

I first started off with the cat eyeliner. They come with clear and easy to read instructions and I tried out the cat eyeliner using the shade ‘Blackout‘ from my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. The closer you put it to your lash line, the thinner the line obviously! The thin plastic makes it flexible enough to fit over the eye shape and it’s reusable so easy to just wipe clean. 

cat eyeliner on eyes
Ignore the un-plucked eyebrows!

Next up was the bottom liner. I put this right up to the lash line because I didn’t want to overdo it with the thickness of the line. This was the one i was most impressed with. It was so easy to apply with the stencil that I got a nice even coverage right up to the corners of my lid. Also with dark eyeshadow, any fall out just went straight onto the stencil so there was no smudging on the skin.

bottom eyeliner stencil

bottom eyeliner on eyes

My least favourite was probably the smokey eye stencil. It was a little fiddly to fit over the eyelid and I think I’d prefer using it without but it did look better once it was blended in.

I think this stencil kit is a worthy buy, especially for those who struggle with putting on eyeliner and want a guide that will be versatile in creating thin and thick winged eyeliner!

Are you good at applying eyeliner? Let me know in the comments below.

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