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It’s been a successful month of blogmas for me so far. I fear though that my posts will become a little less Christmassy from next week because…well I’m running out of ideas. It’s times like these that I’m glad I read people’s blogs because I can get a little inspiration from them and avoid the dreaded writer’s block.

Blogmas 2017I also wanted to let you guys know in advance that my blog has just migrated over to WordPress and I’m now self-hosted which means I pretty much own my site (YAY!), rather than it being owned by Google Blogger.

This means I have a LOT of updating to do on my blog posts to make them look right which will take time but hopefully by the end of January, it will all be super snazzy ready for the New Year.

Now I love being part of the blogging community and spend much of my time reading other people’s blogs. I wanted to give a shout out to those I’m loving at the moment, especially with all their festive content. I’ve done these types of posts before and it’s great to see so many other bloggers doing the same.


From Roses


From Roses Blog

Her images are stunning and definitely something I aspire to have on my own blog. It’s clean, professional but also her content shows off her personality. I love bloggers that are personal as I feel it helps you connect and engage with their content more as a reader.


Jasmine Talks Beauty


Jasmine Talks Beauty BlogShe has a collection of beauty and skin care products that a girl can only dream of having. She’s one blogger whose made me buy a number of products through her recommendations and I love the consistency in her flatlays. That marble background is everything.


Love Laughs Lipstick

Love Laughs Lipsticks Blog

This girl is hysterical. I just love it when bloggers relax and have fun with a blog post rather than worry about appearing too informal. Nikki who owns Love Laughs Lipsticks covers a range of topics from beauty and makeup to lifestyle and relationship advice. I love looking at her blog just because she’s so funny as a writer but also because she reviews new products that I tend to be interested in.


Hannah Gale

Hannah Gale BlogProbably one of my favourite bloggers ever. She’s funny like Nikki and has been blogging for a long time. I always read her blogs the moment they appear on my Bloglovin news feed. I’ve been following her recent pregnancy and totally fangirling over her because she looks so damn good. Definitely, a blogger that I’ll continue reading way into the future.


A Girl Obsessed

A Girl Obsessed Blog

Talking about being obsessed, the next blogger is over the pond in America. I’m in love with her content especially when it comes to her list blogs. Those where they give you ideas of how to have a cosy night in, ways to make 2018 your best year yet and so on.  Her blog tips are also spot on and very useful for those wanting to improve their site.


Gemma Louise

Gemma Louise BlogThis blogger has the cutest child in the world. Gemma Louise is a 20 something designer, illustrator, makeup look queen and mammy to Reuben. She does so much that I think she may be superwoman in disguise. She’s truly someone who’s inspirational in just how hard she works.

As we head into 2018, I’m getting super excited at all the exciting prospects to come. Season’s Greetings from UpYourVlog.

Which bloggers do you follow? Let me know in the comments below.


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