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Back in December I attended Sorbet’s celebratory 1st birthday of their branch in Crouch End and aside from getting a bag full of goodies I also got a chance to meet both Samantha from SpaPR and General Manager of Sorbet Salons, Lindsay Walmsley. Independent salons like Sorbet stock reasonably known and unknown brands on their shelves and I came across the Natural Spa Factory at this event. They had a 3 for 2 offer on their masks so I thought why not give them a go?

Face masks

I bought three from the small selection they had on offer in-store but looking on their main website, Natural Spa Factory currently has 11 face masks to choose from. I picked Bamboo Facial Mousse, Tea Tree & Willow Leaf and Cucumber Peel Off Masks. The masks are certainly luxurious as they come in a powdered form that needs mixing with lukewarm water. Most masks I’ve tried are cream based or pre-mixed so this was certainly a new one for me.

Bamboo Facial Mousse

The Bamboo Facial Mousse is the only one out of the three that I haven’t yet tried. For some reason, I gravitated towards the other two as this one didn’t really appeal to me. This product actually comes under the Face Polish section of their website and is a micro-dermabrasion which is more commonly known as a scrub or an exfoliator. It’s made mainly for fine lines, combating the signs of aging and helping to stimulate new cells. For £8.00, you have enough product for five applications which is pretty good.

Cucumber Peel Off Mask

The Cucumber Peel Off Mask appealed to me simply because of my baggy, dark circles. I wanted a mask that could really tackle this aspect but to also give my skin a more healthy glow. The masks are a little messy but it’s nice just to take half an hour out of a busy schedule to give yourself a bit of pampering. This pack contains two applications so for £6.00, I’d say that’s reasonable for a mask but on the pricer end of the scale. The mask forms into a thick rubbery texture which once applied all over the face, comes off more or less in one. This one turned out to be my least favourite of the two but I did notice a slight perk in the appearance of my skin.

Tea Tree & Willow Leaf Peel Off Mask

These products are simple to apply but it may take you one or two times in order to get the consistency right. The first time, I used too much water so it ended up being too runny and the second one ended up being too thick – so there wasn’t enough product to cover my face. The Tea Tree & Willow Leaf was by far my favourite. I love the smell of Tea Tree Oil anyway, so already I was on for a winner with this one. Great for oily skin, this is an anti-bacterial treatment that reduces inflammation and scars. The intense menthol leaves you feeling refreshed and it was a mask I really could have left on for longer. This, like the cucumber mask, was also £6.00 and contained two applications.

The only thing I noticed with these masks was that my skin did feel quite dry afterwards, so I  just popped on a heavy moisturiser to give my skin a well deserved drink! Good value for money for the more luxury end of a facial mask but still affordable.

Have you tried face masks before? What brands do you like?

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