Sorbet Salon’s One Year Birthday Celebrations

Sorbet Salon recently celebrated a one year birthday for their branch in Crouch End and I had the pleasure of being invited along to celebrate the occasion. I also finally got to meet Samantha from SpaPR who I’ve been chatting to over e-mail and who introduced me to Sorbet Salons in the first place.

If you haven’t heard about Sorbet Salons, I visited their Muswell Hill branch back in August and you can read all about my massage experience here. The salons are small yet colourful and quirky and they certainly appeal to all ages. It’s the sort of place to have a girly pampering session with friends.


The event was in full swing by the time I arrived just before 7pm. At this point, I had run out of data on my phone so I cleverly printed off directions and went all old school on my journey (I mean it’s hard to believe this is something we did anyway before phones/technology). I was met by a therapist with bright sparkly red lips and was helpfully pointed to Samantha. I’d had a bit of a whirlwind of a day and it was great to finally meet her and have a good old chinwag. I also met the General Manager of Sorbet Salons (who also have a salon over in South Africa…can I go there please?!) Lindsay Walmsley who gave a little speech towards the end of the event.


I brought a few products from the store as there was a 20% discount and the products I chose were also 3 for 2! Keep your eyes peeled for a review of these products. We were also very lucky to each receive a goodie bag, packed full of products from the Sorbet Salon shelves and here’s what I got.

Selection of products from goodie bag
Oh all the festiveness!

First up is a sample size collection of Dermalogica products that can be used as part of a daily skincare routine. 


Now when I saw this, I was extremely excited to try out the brand for the first time. This is a brand I’ve seen in a lot of salon stores across the country and I have always been intrigued to try them out. The pack contained a Special Cleansing Gel, Daily Microfoliant, Skin Smoothing Cream and a Multivitamin Power Firm. If I’m being entirely honest, I was put off majorly by the smell of these products. They do smell quite clinical and none of them apart from the Multivitamin Power firm have an attractive smell to them. 


The Special Cleansing Gel is a semi-thick gel that lathers up in wet hands. It applies nicely on the skin and is a treatment that lifts impurities without stripping the skin. Following this with the Daily Microfoliant which is a powder that forms into a paste when combined with water. This was probably my least favourite of them all as it didn’t smell particularly nice. By this point I also noticed a bit of stinging on parts on my face so this was a no-no for me.

Products from goodie bag

The Skin Smoothing Cream is rich in antioxidants so it’s a good cream that maintains moisture whilst improving texture. Again not a great smell but I like the consistency, not too thick or thin. Finally, my favourite of the four products was the Multivitamin Power Firm which contains Green Tea and smells really good. The serum is quite thick so once applied, the skin feels covered and protected. It combats visible lines around the eyes and I’m excited to see the results. It’s one that I’d probably buy if it works but it’s quite expensive.


Also included in the goodie bag were two products from Environ, a Moisturising Toner and Cleansing Lotion. The Moisturising Toner is odourless and I applied this with a cotton pad. This helps moisturise and hydrate skin and it definitely made my skin feel fresh. I applied this during the evening before bed. 


The Cleansing Lotion I used before the Toner as this is something you do to prep the skin for the toner. The lotion is thin and lathers up onto damp skin. Once massaged into the skin, you simply wash off with warm water. It left my skin feeling clean and balanced. It’s also meant to promote a radiant appearance so I’ll certainly be using both these products over the next few days to see the results. 

products from goodie bag

I was surprised to see a make-up product from the Fake Bake brand as I thought this was a brand that simply did fake tanning products. There’s not a massive a lot of information on this type of lipgloss and it didn’t come in any packaging. I also find it odd that it’s not on the Fake Bake website, so it must only be available through certain salons who stock it. This lipgloss smells SO GOOD! It’s a bubblegum scent and it applies on so luxuriously. It’s a deep copper shade that has a beautiful shimmer and a glossy finish. For someone who isn’t a major fan of lipglosses, I was pleasantly surprised.


Sorbet Salon also stocks a beauty brand called Jane Iredale and I had a tiny lip and cheek stain in the shade of Forever Peach which I preferred to use on the cheeks rather than on the lip. I also got the Longest Lash Mascara which I just adore. It’s a very lightweight mascara and provides instant lift and a long lash look that’s totally natural.

products from goodie bag

And finally I received a few nail care products including a Gelish Nourish Cuticle Oil that’s very rich and will hopefully make a difference to my skin bitten nails! I also go a Nail Harmony File and Eco Buffer.

products from goodie bag

Overall, a very generous selection of goodies and a few that I may find myself repurchasing again if I really find them suitable to my daily make-up/skincare routine.


Happy Birthday Sorbet Salon in Crouch End and thanks for having me along to celebrate!







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