Five Mistakes I’ve Made Blogging

Having blogged for a while now, I feel like I can talk about the mistakes I’ve made whilst blogging. I think blogging is such an interesting community to get involved in and you’re constantly learning the new ways of social media and how to draw in new and regular readers. Unfortunately there was no real guidebook or tips on how to get the most out of my blog because I wasn’t as clued up on the blogger community as I am now. So I suppose this is for those who may be just starting a blog and need some advice on things to perhaps avoid and pay attention to.

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1. Always spell check and double check the post before publishing.

When I first started blogging, I was just so keen to get posts up, that I never checked the post before publishing. How bad is that? I wouldn’t dream of writing an essay and then not checking it over for mistakes so this is something that I picked up on after some friends starting mentioning the errors that appeared in my posts. Of course there still may be one or two that slip through the net, we’re only human but it’s definitely important to check your posts are correct before you publish it.

2. Posting for myself rather than for my readers.

It’s incredible how much brand work that I got from my first year of blogging and if I’m being honest only 75% of that work was with brands that I felt my readers would like. The other brands were just because I wanted the product for myself which is both selfish and pointless because I’m trying to promote the brand and essentially sell a product or service!

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3.  Linking and SEO

It certainly has taken some time to understand SEO and the small things you can do to improve your presence on the internet. For example, fixing broken links are seemingly insignificant but if you have a new reader that’s reading an old blog post where a link has become invalid, then this would be annoying for them. Other simple additions such as adding a link to a previous post or adding text to an image’s property can all contribute to raising the DA/PA of your blog. I’ve gone from a DA (Domain Authority – how much of a influence you have on the internet) of 16 to 24 and that’s simply from updating my posts. I haven’t even updated them all so I’m hoping that by the end of this year I can reach a DA of 40-50. It all sounds very technical but if you want to take your blog seriously, you have to treat it like a full-time job and invest time and effort into it.

4. Promoting your blog posts

You’ve written a fantastic post that’s taken around 40 minutes to write, you’ve taken and edited some high quality imagery and then you check, double check and then publish it. It seems silly that I didn’t promote my blog posts as much as I should have done compared to how much I do now. When I publish a blog post, I’ll share it on Twitter, my personal Facebook and Instagram. I’ll then continue to promote it on these channels for the next two weeks. After that I’ll try and post it on Twitter and Facebook every so often. When you have such good content, it can get lost in the amount of new content posted by yourself and others so it’s always useful to re-promote that older content! Scheduling apps such as Buffer, Hootsuite and Social Champ are great time savers so you can concentrate on improving your blog, knowing content is constantly being promoted.


5.  Get involved in the blogging community

This is probably the biggest faux pas I made blogging and one I should have implemented right from the beginning. It’s so important to involve yourself within the blogging community as it’s such a supportive group of people who understand the tiring and testing lifestyle of blogging. It seems that blogging is the new way of advertising and unfortunately a lot of the traditional outlets seem to express a lot of jealousy and hate towards bloggers who spend hours and hours creating content who are in their very right, entrepreneurs and business owners. From reading other blogger’s posts, commenting and sharing their content, I’ve seen the same reaction towards my blog which is super rewarding and you do feel like part of a big internet family. 

What mistakes have you made blogging? Don’t think that by making mistakes, you’re failing. It’s actually the complete opposite because you are learning and growing!

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