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After seeing certain bloggers spreading their love and appreciation of the blogging community, I thought that I’d do the same. It’s been a while since I wrote my first declaration of love for bloggers and if you haven’t seen it, click here. That one was done back before I started reading more blogs on Bloglovin’, so I now feel I’m wiggling into the blogging community and really exploring some seriously talented bloggers.

Gracie Francesca – The Internet’s Big Sister

Urgh those eyebrows are ON POINT!

My favourite thing about this blogger is her personality and when you have the ability to show off your personality just from writing, you know you have a talent. She swears, she’s truthful and she talks about the girl stuff that we don’t like to talk about openly in real life. Like sex, vagina waxing and body image to name a few. She’s definitely an inspirational role model and I’m always looking forward to the next blog post that crops up in my e-mail.

Fee From Makeup Savvy

This blogger is the reason for me crawling back to Ebay with my Paypal ready and willing to spend ALL of my money. Her Ebay Hauls will literally have you worshipping the technological ground she walks on. I’ve found so many cheap bargains including a makeup storage organiser, cream eyeshadows and designer dupe make-up brushes to add to my ever growing collection of stuff that’s building up in my bedroom. Thank you Fee for just being the Queen of Ebay bargains.

Aby Moore creator of YouBabyMeMummy

When I often have my broody moments (and yes mum I know that I’ve got my career ahead of me first), I always find myself trawling the internet for some parental related posts of cute babies. I love Aby because she’s got a few years of blogging experience under her belt and her BlogFixFridays are some of the most helpful blogging videos I’ve seen. Also her kid is adorable.

Faded Spring

I first met Ana at a bridal event where myself, Ana and a few other bloggers had been invited to review the occasion. She’s gorgeous and has a beautiful personality to boot. I’ve been reading her blog a lot lately because she’s very open about her past and her current situation. She types with a lot of honesty and her photos are just inspirational. They are full of so much colour and vibrancy and her fashion style is to die for.

Hannah Gale

This girl seems to be having the time of her life at the moment. She’s jetting off here and there – I can’t help but be jealous! I love some of her fashion blogs and she intersperses some of her  how to’s and personal life posts in between.

What blogs have you been reading recently?! Let me know in the comments below.

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