Polish Village Meals

I’ve always loved my food. I remember specifically getting an award at school for being the most willing to try new foods whilst I was in Germany. Polish Village Meals is a service that provides the best in Polish food to the UK.

It was started by Piotr Tomicki and Robert Ziola and has since become the best polish bakery in London. 

Selection of polish food

I was sent a selection of their products that came in a tote bag, delivered one evening. I received mostly savoury dishes and one homemade fruit cake.


These were definitely not what I’d call pancakes. They were more like our version of a scotch egg consistency on the outside and they each had various fillings in them. Probably my least favourite due to the thickness of them which made them just a little too heavy for me.

Polish food

Side Dishes

I got a couple of stew dishes that were a mixture of sautéed cabbage and the traditional polish sauerkraut stew. These for me were a little too salted so after a few mouthfuls I’d had enough. I think therefore, this would have been great served on some crusty bread.


These were by far my favourite of all the dishes. I love dumplings usually within a Chinese cuisine so I made sure to buy some Soy sauce for these bad boys. I received three different types, one stuffed with sauerkraut and mushroom, another with pork and onions and the third with potatoes and soft cheese. I fried these in a little oil until they were golden brown and then dipped them in the soy sauce. My favourite was the pork and onions but all three were super tasty.

Selection of food


These were so tasty! They’d been covered in cheese, mushroom and peppers and went down a treat. A definite main dish that would go well with a nice green salad.

Fruit Cake

The fruit cake was light and sweet, a great cake that I couldn’t fault.

Polish Village Meals are certainly something you should try, especially as it’s a different type of cuisine and I find it important to try as many culture’s food as possible.

*Disclaimer – I was gifted these products in return for my own honest opinion.

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